Primaries move forward in three big states despite pandemic Coronavirus

Primaries move forward in three big states despite pandemic Coronavirus

The first presidential primaries in three states are going to take place despite spreading fear of Coronavirus. There would be no campaigning, no candidates on sight, and no canvassing.

On primary occasion, the governor of Ohio applied an emergency to delay his state’s election after the CDC’s (Centers for Disease Control) announcement against any grouping of more than 50 people amid coronavirus pandemic.

Mike DeWine, governor of the state said that they couldn’t hold contest tomorrow. On the other hand, when polls got closed in Ohio, elections will go ahead in Illinois, Florida and Arizona on Tuesday.

Here is a great chance for Joe Biden to accomplish Democratic Presidential nominations by throwing a potential hit to the rival Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is also fighting to secure election from the white house race.  

On March 17 election, Sanders said to supporters via an email, that primary is far from over. Other side, the leading senator from Vermont, is seeing the Democratic nomination for himself fast close.

Primaries go forward in three big states despite coronavirus, as Biden looks to shut out Sanders

The democratic socialist was leading in the competition of February and thanks to all those victories, including Iowa’s caucuses, another win in New Hampshire’s contest, and also in Nevada’s primary.

 From the last two and half weeks, Joe Biden has to face defeat by the opponent rival Sanders for the presidential nominations. Following victories in south Carolina’s election and another win in super Tuesday states, the former president had accomplished a robust position as a front-runner.

 Meanwhile, Joe Biden has been facing inconsistent wave of help from former and current congress members, state lawmakers and governors. Moderates, centrists, and party establishment were all united around Biden in favors that they have got the person who can replace President Trump in the upcoming November’s general election.

On Sunday night’s debate for Democratic presidential nomination, Sanders hasn’t thrown a knockout to Joe Biden that was crucial to alter primary saying that independent senator alive on borrowed time.

In case if Tuesday’s election would throw another knockout to Sanders, the burden of calls to step aside, on Sanders would be increased. To fetch nomination, Biden still required 1,991 pledged delegates. Expectations are saying that Sanders could survive in the race.