Peter Nygard, Canadian designer, had taken into custody on counts of sex trafficking

Canadian designer had arrested on counts of sex trafficking
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On Monday, a Canadian fashion designer was taken into custody in Canada, when the designer was tracked in the U.S. for purportedly using fashion business as a ‘façade of legitimacy’ to stop sex trafficking and several other illicit actions, accused by federal prosecutors.

The accusation, which was reported on 23rd November but not revealed until Tuesday, charges Canadian designer (Peter Nygard) with 9 allegations including racketeering and sex trafficking counts, and even alleged that from 1995 to 2020, Peter Nygard and many other allegedly used fashion industry and modeling employments to trap girls into his coverage and keep them there.

The allegation claims say that girls were then forcefully sexually attacked, drugged and coerced into sexual interaction with Peter Nygard. Moreover, most of the accused victims were too young who already had a background of history of sexual abuse.

Peter Nygard, Canadian designer, had taken into custody on counts of sex trafficking
Peter Nygard arrested for sex trafficking allegations,
Source: Web

Nygard resigned his office

On Monday, he was taken into custody by officials from Canada, and now he is in Winnipeg. A news released from Royal Canadian Mounted Police says that Nygard is awaiting bail and extradition proceedings. Besides this, Nygard was chairman of Nygard International until Feb, as Nygard resigned when his offices were taken into examination by American authorities.

A Canadian temporary arrest appeal showed that an extensive investigation by the United States authorities into Peter Nygard that adds more than two dozen of interviews with victims, and that he had around forty diverse units organized across the world, and also, they manage several assets including yachts, real estate and many other properties in several countries.

On Tuesday, Peter Nygard’s spokesperson, Ken Frydman, did not comment as contacted by a media outlet, CNN. The spokesperson already described to CNN after Peter Nygard’s offices in California and New York were exposed to U.S. authorities. He explained that all allegations were baseless and have an intention to destroy Peter Nygard’s businesses.

In February, in a statement to CNN, Frydman described that Peter Nygard welcomes the federal investigation and thinks his name to be cleared from all allegations.

The accusation labels around dozens of minor-aged and adult ladies, who are supposed victims of Peter Nygard and prosecutors are seeking any further victims to go ahead.

Prosecutors explained that Peter Nygard and a few of his workers used force, coercion and scam to make victims to involve in commercial sex.