Pentagon to issue the new transgender policy

Pentagon overturned Trump-era policies for transgender people

Pentagon to issue the new transgender policy
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On Wednesday, defense regulators told the Associated Press that the Pentagon will erase all policies made by former President Donald Trump that significantly restricted the transgender community from playing roles in the military, offering a new set of rules that give them a broader success to medical care and help with their gender transition.

Officials said that the new department permits trans community who meet all military standards to recruit and serve in their self-identified gender. They also explained that trans people can get crucial transition-related medical care approved by law.

The improvements come after a 2-month Pentagon review intended to create measures for the novel policy, which was declared by Joe Biden, the US President, only a few days after Biden took office.

President Biden’s executive directive inverted the Donald Trump policy and quickly banned any service member who was pushed out because of gender identity.

Lloyd Austin, Defense Secretary, then allotted the Pentagon two months to conclude a detailed new policy that the military services will implement while recruiting a transgender person. He has even invoked a reevaluation of the records of those service members who were fired or rejected reenlistment based on gender identity issues under the Trump-era policy. Moreover, the results of the review were not unveiled.

Pentagon to issue the new transgender policy
Pentagon to issue the new transgender policy,
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Service members discharged on account of gender identity

Several years ago, a bunch of service members could be discharged from the military for their gender identity, the routine changed under the Obama administration. The Pentagon, in 2016, declared that the trans community previously serving in the military would be permitted to play their roles openly until July 2017.

When former President Donald Trump stepped into office, his administration halted the enlistment date and made the additional examination. After a few weeks, Donald Trump caught American military lead officers by surprise, tweeting that the United States won’t permit or accept the trans community to work in any capacity in the military.

In April 2019, the Defense Department, after an extensive and complex official battle and additional reviews, signed a policy that banned transgender troops.

According to the new policy, transgender troops serving at present and people who had previously signed an enlistment agreement ahead of the effective date could continue with programs for hormone care and gender transition in case if they had spotted with gender dysphoria.

After the due date, nobody with gender dysphoria who had transitioned to another gender or taking hormones permitted to enlist.