Official UFO videos released by Pentagon

Three official UFO's videos released by the Pentagon

Three short videos are released officially by Pentagon that is demonstrating an Unidentified aerial phenomenon which was previously aired by a private firm.

These videos express that what reveal to be unidentified flying objects abruptly moving that were recorded by infrared cameras. These two videos hold service members responding in awe at how abruptly the objects are moving. Moreover, one voice suggests that it could be a drone.

Last year in September, the Navy recognized the veracity of the accuracy of the videos, and now they are officially uncovering them. According to Sue Gough, the spokesperson of Pentagon, in order to clear any ambiguity by the people about the footage that was founding real or whether or not there is more to the footage.

Sue Gough’s Statement

In a statement, Gough said that after a complete review, the department came to know that the legal release of these videos doesn’t show any sensitive system or capabilities. He added that it doesn’t affect any subsequent inquiries of military air space attacks by the unidentified aerial phenomenon.

Now the Navy has official standards for how Navy’s pilots can report in case if they believe that they have observed possible UFO’s.

Official UFO videos released by Pentagon

The first time, navy footages were released somewhere between December 2017 and March of 2018 by the firm known as To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science, and that firm was co-founded by Tom DeLonge, who was the former Blink-182 musician that says it learns info about Unidentified aerial phenomenon.

In 2004, one of the pilots who observed one of the unidentified objects and explained to CNN in 2017 that unidentified object moved in such a way he couldn’t describe.

David Fravor, the retired navy pilot of the United States, said that as I got near to it, it quickly moved to the south direction, and vanished less than two seconds. He continued that it was extremely quick like ping pong ball jumping off the wall. It would strike and go the other way.

The Pentagon, in the past, studied recordings of aerial encounters with unidentified things that were the part of the since-shuttered program that was projected by Harry Reid, who was the former Sen. of Nevada.

That program was started in 2007, and over in 2012, Pentagon evaluated that there were higher priorities that required funding.

The former head of that classified program, Luis Elizondo, said in 2017 that he believes that there is a very convincing indication that we are not alone.

On Monday, Reid Tweeted that he was happy the Pentagon officially unveiled the footages, but it is only scratching the surface of that study and materials available. Furthermore, he added that the United States should take a serious scientific overview at this.