Officers to activate body cameras and banning chokeholds – Colorado Gov. signs bill

Officers to activate body cameras and banning chokeholds - Colorado Gov. signs bill
Jared Polis, Gov. of Colorado, Source: Web

On Friday, Jared Polis, Gov. of Colorado, signed a new police law that would make requirements such as body cameras and restrictions on using deadly force, for officers.

The Democratic gov. described that the action, coinciding with Juneteenth (June 19 holiday), remembering the end of slavery in America, and Colorado appears as the first state to organize vast policing reform since the beginning of George Floyd protests criticizing the police brutality, all across the United States.

The policing reform bill says all police officers use dashboard cameras or activated body cameras at that time when the officer started interaction with people or during service calls. Moreover, it even resists officers to use deadly force against non-violent crimes or minor suspects, and police officers should make a collab with another officer and witness him for implementing excessive use of force and founds new data for reporting on the use of physical force.

Police can’t use chokehold technique

The bill particularly bans police officers from implementing chokeholds, which is an extensive-controversial method, specifically recalls the 2014 incident, death of Eric Garner at that time when an officer was alleged to choking him. After this, George Floyd’s death, who was another victim of police brutality. A Minneapolis police officer caught him, but he can’t bear nine minutes of knee pressing on his neck and passed away.

While signing the bill on Friday, Polis said that this legislation particularly holds landmark, evidence-based changes that not only save civil rights, but it will also help to restore trust between the law enforcement and communities that they serve.

Officers to activate body cameras and prohibiting chokeholds
Source: Web

Officers’ training have been stopped in California

Colorado State joins many other US states and localities that are on the way to reform their police rules and regulations due to protests all across the United States. Furthermore, Gavin Newsom, Democratic Gov. of California, instructed police departments last week to halt training for police officers to use carotid holds, and calling the method, a stranglehold that drives people’s lives at danger.

On Thursday, the New York City Council signed 6 bills that add officers badge number should be visible, an official restriction on chokeholds, or any other kind of action that stops blood or airflow.

In Kentucky, the Louisville Metro Council even approved a bill that banned no-knock search warrants, kind of warrants that ultimately head to the illegal shooting of Breonna Taylor, one of those black people who has recently faced the police brutality and died due to intense police force which resulted into nationwide protests.