Notre Dame refuses to host first presidential debate amid COVID-19

Notre Dame refuses to host first presidential debate amid COVID-19
President Trump vs Joe Biden, first presidential debate, Source: Web

On Monday, the University of Notre Dame declared that it will not be hosting the initial presidential debate due to the pandemic Coronavirus. Moreover, the debate, planned for 29 September, now will be held at Case Western Reserve University located in Cleveland.

In a statement, the President of Notre Dame, John Jenkins, said that he is grateful to the several members of the University community who have dedicated an uncountable number of hours preparation this occasion, and to the Commission on Presidential Debates management for their professionalism and their understanding. He continued that, but in the end, the restraints the pandemic Coronavirus put on the occasion, as understandable and important as they are, have led them to withdraw.

 The conclusion marks the 2nd time a presidential debate has been shifted this election cycle due to the epidemic Coronavirus. Furthermore, 2nd presidential debate planned for October was basically supposed to be held at the UOM (University of Michigan) in Ann Arbor, but that was shifted to Miami last month.

In addition, Case Western Reserve University, the debate would be co-managed by the Cleveland Clinic, which acts as the Health Security Advisor to Commission on those Presidential Debates.

In a joint statement, President Tom Mihaljevic, Cleveland Clinic CEO and Barbara Snyder (President of Case Western Reserve), said that they are honored to serve as host to this presidential debate at their shared Health Education Campus.

Notre Dame denies to host first presidential debate amid Coronavirus
Presidential nominee, Joe Biden,
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Epidemic highlighted importance of health care

They added that this epidemic has bolded the critical importance of health-care and scientific discovery in unique ways. Besides this, they continued that, to have the presidential nominees discuss these problems in their innovative learning space shows a tremendous opportunity for both institutions and their entire region.

The occasion will particularly be held on the Health Education campus of Case Western Reserve in Samson Pavilion with a bunch of risk mitigation processes, including distance among seats, audience density, and, most importantly, disinfectant measures, statement of the Cleveland Clinic and Case Western says.

On the other side, institutions described that the exact nature of those strategies, including whether an audience is present, will depend on the condition of the Coronavirus condition when the occasion draws closer.

Besides this, that statement even said that the distance of the Health Education campus from the main campus develop co-hosting easier.

Earlier this month, Donald Trump, the President of the U.S., declared that Republicans had scrapped strategies to get convention activities in Jacksonville, Florida.