Nine killed in the Russian School Shooting; police arrested suspect

Russian school attack killed 9 innocent

A school attack killed nine people in Russia, and the suspect arrested
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On Tuesday, a shooter attacked a school in Kazan (the Russian city) that has taken at least nine lives that also includes 7 youngsters. The attack forced youngsters to hide under their classroom desks or running out of the school.

Authorities described that at least twenty-one others were wounded and hospitalized, and six of them were in very critical condition. Officials said that the killer (identified as nineteen years old) was taken into custody. Moreover, they didn’t immediately unfold further details on that matter.

The country’s media agencies said that the shooter was a former student of the same school who highlighted himself as ‘a god’ on Telegram’s account and vowed to murder a large amount of biomass on the morning of the same shooting day.

Students hid under desks

Akhmat Khairulin, the student, said that he was in the classroom when a person with a weapon headed into their class and just opened firing. He continued that fellow students hid under classroom desks following their mentor’s direction, and one of the students jumped out of the classroom’s window.

A school attack killed nine people in Russia, and the suspect arrested
A school attack killed nine people in Russia, and the suspect arrested,
Source: Web

Attacks are very usual in the country, and Vladimir Putin (Russian President) responded by directed the head of Russia’s National Guard to review laws and regulations on the types of guns authorized for civilian use.

Eighth graders, three girls, and four boys have died, and a teacher and another school worker also died, said the governor of the Tatarstan republic, Rustam Minnikhanov. Furthermore, Elvira Ignatyeva, the teacher, who got murdered, was an English instructor who had been serving at the school for four years, reported by the state news agency, Tass.

A video clip shared by Russian media agencies that depicted students dressed in white and black are running out of the school building. Another footage showed crushed classroom windows, a smoke coming from one window, and also the sound of firing. Plus, the number of ambulances aligned at the entrance of the school.

The country’s media agencies said while some students can escape, others were stuck inside during the shooting. Minnikhanov explained that the killer has been taken into custody, nineteen years old, and a gun is registered in his name. He added that other accomplices have not been established, and an inquiry is underway. Besides this, the authorities described that the twenty-one injured in the hospital included eighteen children.