Newsmax TV ratings beat Fox News for the first time

    Newsmax TV ratings beat Fox News for the first time
    Newsmax beats Fox News, Source: Web

    Newsmax T.V. has fetched a higher rating than Fox News Channel for the first time in history. The victory, ignited by conservative viewers who got upset by election results, came on Monday evening. In the key twenty-five to fifty-four years old demographic valued by advertisers’ Greg Kelly Reports’ on Newsmax T.V. out-ranked ‘The Story with Martha MacCallum’ on Fox Channel.

    Although the difference was small, MacCallum averaged 203,000 viewers, and Kelly averaged 229,000 viewers, but it is still an excellent milestone in the industry of cable news.

    Ahead of the presidential election, Newsmax T.V. was not considered as a tough contestant for Fox News. But unexpectedly, on 3rd November, President Donald Trump’s loss altered the cable T.V. calculations. Streamers, who got upset as Fox News conceded the truth of President Trump’s failure, needed other options. Moreover, President Trump prompted them to watch Newsmax T.V.

    Newsmax didn’t mention Biden as the President-Elect

    Newsmax, especially Kelly, created a safe space in which Joe Biden wasn’t labeled as president-elect, and Donald Trump wasn’t yet lost the presidential race.

    Newsmax TV ranking beat Fox News for the first time
    Newsmax TV ranking crossed Fox News for the first time,
    Source: Web

    In November, through the post-election phase, when President Trump’s authorized team faced a bunch of losses in court in its effort to change the election outcome, Kelly claimed that he thought President Trump would still succeed.

    Kelly’s 07:00 PM program contains extensive, pro-Trump, anti-media explanations later found in the evening on Fox News. Furthermore, a particular group of viewers are praising him for this. Besides this, Kelly’s show is normally supposed the highest-ranked show of the day on Newsmax.

    On Tuesday evening, Christopher Ruddy (Newsmax CEO) described that they are here to stay, and the ratings are demonstrating that. Nielsen data said that at any given time of the day, Fox News is still 4 times higher-rated than Newsmax News. The comparison suggested that among all kind of age groups, Fox News averaged 1.36 million people in a day on Monday, but Newsmax averaged just 316,000 viewers.

    But it’s a fact that Fox News falls from its pre-election position, and Newsmax is significantly ramped up. Christopher Ruddy described that Newsmax T.V. is even live-streamed on many platforms, that extra viewers are not included by Nielsen.

    Newsmax rated 3rd, in the 7 PM hour, behind ‘Erin Burnett OutFront’ of CNN, which attained average viewers 423,000 in the demo, and ‘The ReidOut’ of MSNBC, which acquired 280,000 viewers.