Naya Rivera, popular Glee’s star, died from drowning

Naya Rivera, popular Glee's star, died from drowning
Naya Rivera, popular Glee's star Source: Web

A post-mortem report issued by the Ventura County Medical Examiner’s office that popular actress Naya Rivera’s cause of death is drowning. The death of Glee’s star was also supposedly an accident.

In a press conference, the office said that the post-mortem researches are consistent with the drowning, and even the situation of the body is consistent with the time period that the actress was submerged. No shocking disease or injuries processes were recognized at autopsy.

Last week, thirty-three years old actress, Rivera vanished from Lake Piru situated in Ventura County of Southern California. Moreover, she visited to the Lake Piru that afternoon and borrowed a pontoon boat along with her four years old son. Later her son was tracked asleep on the pontoon boat that they had rented.

On Monday morning, Naya Rivera’s dead body was recovered, and authorities described that there is no sign that alcohol or drugs played a role in her death, but toxicology tests will be done.

After hearing the death news of Naya Rivera, her friends and former co-stars shared tributes and praised her on social media.

Naya Rivera, popular Glee's star, got death from drowning
Naya Rivera’s co-satrs tributing over her death,
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Rivera just not an actress but ‘she was our friend’

In a statement, the inventors of Fox’s Glee said on Tuesday that they were looking heartbroken on the death of Naya Rivera, who excellently performed Santana Lopez for 6 seasons.

In a statement, Ian Brennan, Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy reminded how Naya Rivera was not a season regular at the time when she was cast hired on the show. Besides this, Rivera had only a few lines to work on. They added that, but it did not get more than one or two episodes for them to understand that they had lucked into finding the most talented and special star they would ever have the pleasure of working with.

The statement said that she could act, she could sing, she could dance and she could nail jokes as well as she could crush with her emotional scenes. Moreover, she could move between being deeply vulnerable and scary tough with ease. Also, she was completely a joy to write, to direct, and even joy to be around.

Their statement also says that she was more than an actor to their show, she was their friend too. Furthermore, Brennan, Falchuk, and Murphy said that they are processing of making a college fund for her son.