Moscow Troops Captured Half of Sievierodonetsk – Mayor

Mayor of Sieverodonetsk said that the Armed Forces of Russia have taken hold of half of Severodonetsk.

Moscow Troops Captured Half of Sievierodonetsk – Mayor

On Tuesday, Oleksandr Striuk, Mayor of eastern Sieverodonetsk, said that the Armed Forces of Russia, in a frenetic push, have taken hold of half of Severodonetsk, a city in the Luhansk Oblast of Ukraine that is key to the Kremlin’s attempts to complete the seizure to the Southeastern Donbass region, Ukraine’s industrial heartland.

Severodonetsk, a Ukrainian city located to the northeast of the left bank of the Siverskyi Donets river and nearly 68 miles northwest of the Luhansk Oblast capital, is essentially being devastated mercilessly. The mayor said that heavy shelling and street-by-street fighting sustained an artillery torrent endangered the lives of about thirteen thousand innocent people still protecting themselves in the ruined city that has once a population of 106513 in 2017, according to the United Nations.

Furthermore, an air raid by Putin troops on Sievierodonetsk, a city facing Lysychansk across the river, struck a nitric acid (HNO3) tank at a chemical plant, according to the local governor’s statement on May 31 who was requesting residents to take shelters. However, Governor Sergiy Gaiday requested his people to not come out of the covers, as nitric acid is dangerous and can cause irritation to the skin and eyes. It’s also highly corrosive.

‘adding fuel to fire’

According to officials, Sievierodonetsk city is vital to Moscow’s attempts to take hold of the southern Donbass region before additional European security and military support reach to strengthen the defense of the post-Soviet state.

On the other hand, Joe Biden, the U.S. President, said that Washington would send Kyiv with a small number of high-tech, advanced weapons, including medium-range M142-HIMARS, as fighting against Putin fighters has shifted its war efforts in the Southern and Eastern areas of war-torn Ukraine. Those rocket systems could be employed both to take Russian military positions in areas where fighting is fierce and to block Moscow artillery.

Moscow Troops Captured Half of Sievierodonetsk – Mayor
Moscow Troops Captured Half of Sievierodonetsk – Mayor
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Governor Striuk said at least 1500 people had lost their lives amid various causes since Moscow’s large-scale incursion of Ukraine commenced. Sievierodonetsk’s evacuation efforts have been stopped because of heavy bombardment.

On Wednesday, the Kremlin blamed America for attempting to extend the conflict in the East European state of Ukraine after the U.S. President said he’d ship advanced medium-range rocket systems to the government in Kyiv. The Kremlin Press Secretary said Washington purposefully added fuel to the fire with the new high-tech weapon supplies.

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