Moscow to Cut Nord Stream Gas Supplies

Moscow said it would cut gas deliveries to European countries from July 27.

Moscow to Cut Nord Stream Gas Supplies

Moscow said it would cut gas deliveries to European countries from July 27 in a blow to states that have provided support to Ukraine – a onetime Soviet state, while air strikes on Black Sea ports raised uncertainties about Kremlin would hold to the agreement to allow Kyiv export Ukrainian grains.

The United Nations said that the first vessels from the East European country might sail in a few days under an agreement on July 22, in spite of an air attack by the Russian Armed Forces on the Port of Odessa in southern Ukraine over the weekend, and another missile strike early Tuesday, according to a spokesman for military-installment in the southern region.

In addition, rising energy prices and hunger threat experienced by millions worldwide in impoverished nations – people affected by hunger worldwide increased to 828M in 2021, according to a UN report – show how the worsening conflict in the West since the Second World War, now in its 153rd day, is having an effect farther away than the war-torn country.

On Tuesday, a 27-member political and economic union is set to approve an emergency proposal to control their gas demands as they attempt to gradually stop depending on Russian oil and energy and make themselves ready for a likely suspension.

Furthermore, on Tuesday, the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported Moscow’s cruise missile attacks in the country’s Southern area and that the Zelenskyy military had struck Russian targets. A spokesman for Odessa military administration, Serhiy Bratchuk, told the Ukrainian media that a missile was fired from the Black Sea region, however, provided no further details. And Russia’s Ministry of Defense didn’t immediately give any statement.

No Casualties

Mentioning a correspondent at the scene, the Russian News Agency TASS reported that a major fire broke out at an oil terminal in the administrative and municipal district of Budyonnovsky in Russia-supported DPR in Ukraine’s East after the military forces of Ukraine bombarded the province. TASS added that there’re no casualties.

Moscow to Cut Nord Stream Gas Supplies
Moscow to Cut Nord Stream Gas Supplies
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On Monday, PJSC Gazprom, a major Russian state-owned energy corporation, said that gas supplies to the Western European country of Germany through the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline would drop to thirty-three million cubic meters daily from July 27.

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