Mike Eruzione urged America to beat Beijing rather than boycott 2022 Olympics

Mike Eruzione forced the United States to beat rather than boycott

Mike Eruzione urged America to beat Beijing rather than boycott
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On Monday, one of the popular stars of the United States Olympic’ Miracle on Ice’ team, Mike Eruzione, that disturbed the Soviet Union in the 1980 Winter Games, came on sight against boycotting the upcoming 2022 event in Beijing.

In a column for ‘USA Today,’ Mike Eruzione wrote that the United States should reach and defeat Beijing on their home ground in front of the whole world. He continued that blocking the games will destroy dreams for Paralympians and Olympians, and they will hand China and other nations successes they could win in the competition.

In the column, he wrote that when their hockey team beat the Soviet Union, people remarked on what it said that the United States that a team of amateur hockey players beat a government-supported, professional Soviet hockey team.

American athletes train on their own

He added that this incoming Olympics are similar; Most of the U.S. athletes train on their own, supported by their own coaches and resources. Moreover, they usually beat athletes from the whole world whose countries support them in training.

He said that given those conditions, what better message can Americans send to the whole world than the one we have sent for decades. Furthermore, U.S. athletes are standing on the stage, and winning medals, not because a govt. demanded it, just because an athlete aspired to it.

Mike Eruzione urged America to beat Beijing rather than boycott
Mike Eruzione urged America to beat Beijing rather than boycott,
Source: Web

Mike Eruzione further explained that’s what the Miracle on Ice meant to him and several others, and he would urge them to give today’s Olympians an opportunity at the same miracles.

The current administration of Joe Biden has faced pressure to block the games because of Beijing’s human rights issues.

Michael Waltz and Guy Reschenthaler wrote in an opinion piece for a news agency, Fox News, that the world couldn’t stand by and permit Beijing to continue these egregious human rights violations.

The article described that’s why we have suggested a resolution in Congress stressing the IOC to shift the 2022 Winter Games. If the Olympic Games won’t move, our resolution calls for the U.S. to hold an international boycott of the 2022 Games.

Waltz is a Republican who represents Florida’s Sixth Congressional District, and Reschenthaler is also a Republican who represents Pennsylvania’s fourteenth Congressional District. Both forced the United States to hold a boycott like the 1980 Summer Games in reaction to the Soviet Union attacking Afghanistan. But China mentioned this action as a violation of the Olympic Games spirit.