Liverpool scored an excellent win against Tottenham in English Premier League

Liverpool scored an excellent win against Tottenham in English Premier League
Liverpool got victory over Tottenham, Source: Web

Roberto Firmino, popular soccer player, made an excellent bullet-header in the finishing time of Wednesday’s game to shot Tottenham Hotspur and push his team, Liverpool, to the top of the EPL (English Premier League).

The match apparently was at 1-1 position, but the Brazilian brought a moment of highly exclusive stuff in the 90th minute, strongly heading home from the corner to get the victory by 2-1.

While early in the league, the result is very important in the title race, with both ends fighting for the top place before kickoff.

Liverpool boss praised Firmino

The victory currently moves the ruling champion 3 points clear of its opponents, when it marked a significant point to the rest of the league. Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool boss), talking after the game, described that his team deserved a late winner and admired Roberto Firmino on the count of his 3rd league score of the season.

Liverpool acquired an excellent victory against Tottenham
Liverpool acquired an excellent victory against Tottenham,
Source: Web

He explained to BBC Radio 5 Live that it was a really good match from his team, and it is perfectly the way you should play. He continued that you have chances, you hit the goal. Klopp also said that Firmino is a top-class soccer player and he hits goals, but he has some things to do for them which sometimes keep him outside of the box for them. Klopp could not be more happy for him because the goal was one of the top goals and very important.

The soccer team, Liverpool, is currently at a leading spot and wasn’t beaten in the last sixty-six league matches at Anfield, but the team could have simply lost its record Wednesday.

Jose Mourinho, Portuguese soccer manager, set the aim to beat Liverpool on the revenge and his match strategy was almost took him toward the victory. In the second half, Steven Bergwijn hit that location, and Harry Kane lost from close range in a couple of minutes, but the visitor was exposed to reign the missed chances.

After the game, the upset Mourinho described to Amazon Prime that they were so close to win, not so close to draw. He added that they missed the opportunities, they had the opportunities, and they had the match under control. Besides this, he said that a match draw would be a horrible situation for them, but you can imagine how they feel with a defeat. Mourinho concluded that very good performance, of course with a few mistakes, some things to improve and a very unfair result.