As Spanish soccer returns, Lionel Messi chases eleventh La Liga title

As Spanish fottball comes back, Lionel Messi chases 11th La Liga title
Lionel Messi, Source:Web

Javier Tebas, the president of La Liga, describes the come back of the leading division of Spanish Soccer, saying that our duty was to return and prepared for this moment. Although it was hard, but we have done this.

In Spain, there were more than 240,000 Coronavirus cases reported, including more than 27,000 deaths. Although the current situation is going to be stable because new daily virus cases record is less than fifty.

There was three months pause, but now La Liga is going to resume on Thursday with the same restrictions and guidelines as followed by Bundesliga; matches will be played without fans.

As Spanish soccer returns, Lionel Messi chases eleventh La Liga title
La-Liga League, Source: Web

Since the Bundesliga restarted, home team benefit looks to have vanished, a total of forty-six Bundesliga matches have been played, but the home team has gained only ten matches, and twenty-two matches have been acquired by other teams.

As we knew that league comes back, Barcelona and Real Madrid are leading in the league. While holding fifty-eight points, Barcelona is on top position, and Real Madrid is lacking two points and acquiring a second place in the league. While Sevilla occupies the third place with a total of 50 points.

Lionel Messi is one step away to break the previous record

In case if the leading champion will win the La Liga league for the 3rd time in a series, then it is going to be eleventh La Liga label of Lionel Messi’s career, which means that Messi would only be one step away to break the previous record of 12, which is presently attained by Francisco Gento of Real Madrid.

As Spanish soccer returns, Lionel Messi chases eleventh La Liga title
The 6,000-seater, Estadio Alfredo Di Stefano, Source: Web

But this happening is not much easy as it looks because the Real Madrid team will not permit this happening without facing a tough and hard battleship. Furthermore, Lucas Vazquez, a midfielder, previously told Real Madrid TV that his team is going to fetch each remaining match, such as if it were a cup final match.

There are eleven finals, Lucas Vazquez says

He added that this is the beginning point for those eleven matches that we have left. He continued that 11 finals, we play like that, and hopefully from now to end, we can win all the matches and even get the title of the league.

As we have mentioned above that games played behind closed doors, but La Liga has arrived with an admirable plan through which it can offer the most authentic experience in this situation of the pandemic.

Tebas said, what we have selected is to offer two choices on how the fans wish to watch the game, if they wish to watch it virtually without sound or with sound. He added that they have operated with Norwegian firm that focuses on the virtual audience and EA Sports and FIFA (Video Game); it is because whenever you play the FIFA game, you observe the real arena atmosphere in every location.

He continued that he thinks they will see an excellent virtual reality, but they (fans) should be able to select what they want.