Lawyers are working to make case for $15 minimum wage – Sanders

Lawyers are working to make case for $15 minimum wage - Sanders
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On Sunday, Sen. Bernie sanders described that a room full of lawyers is executing a matter to set minimum wage to fifteen dollars to agree with Senate laws that threaten its insertion in Biden’s 1.9 trillion dollars COVID-19 relief package.

The comments reach as President Joe Biden has doubted on the likelihood of the wage upsurge in the final bill, describing CBS in a Friday’s interview that he does not believe it will survive. Biden administration is assuming using a procedural shortcut well known as budget reconciliation to approve the huge piece of legislation from Congress in front of Republican opposition.

A room full of lawyers working on the case

Bernie Sanders told CNN that he can tell you as chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, they have a room full of attorneys working as hard as they can to make the case to the parliamentarian that increasing the minimum wage will have weighty budget implications and it should be consistent with reconciliation rules.

Lawyers are working to make case for $15 minimum wage - Sanders
Lawyers are working to make case for $15 minimum wage – Sen. Bernie Sanders,
Source: Web

A senior advisor to Joe Biden, Cedric Richmond described to a news outlet, MSNBC, on Sunday that the Biden administration still in favor of 15-dollar minimum wage. Moreover, he said that Joe Biden’s comment on the raise not surviving was a simple prediction of what he thinks the Senate would do. Richmond added that Bernie Sanders has formed a group to make a very convincing argument that it should stay in the relief bill under the Senate rules.

Sen. Bernie Sanders even forced the significance of approving a Coronavirus relief bill as soon as possible, while not supporting down on Democratic priorities, adding the federal minimum wage upsurge and a higher wage limit for individuals getting stimulus checks.

He said that they get to what the vice president will do, he has got to get through the parliamentarian and in her role as the President of the Senate to support push through legislation adding the minimum pay to fifteen dollars per hour. He continued that he is working as hard as he can to make that happen.

A moderate member of the party from West Virginia, Sen. Joe Manchin said that he believes at the end of the day, Democrats will understand the provision requires to approve.