A Laser Weapon successfully tested by the U.S. that can demolish mid-flight aircraft

A Laser Weapon successfully tested by the U.S. that can destroy mid-flight

On Friday, in a statement, the Navy’s Pacific Fleet told that the United States navy battleship has effectively tested a very high energy laser-weapon that can easily demolish mid-flight aircraft.

Videos and images offered by the Navy which depicts the aquatic transport craft Portland executing that the first implementation at the system level of a very intense energy class solid state laser to destroy an aerial drone ship, the statement says.

The pictures demonstrate that the laser originating from the deck of battleship and small footage clips depicts what looks to be the drone burning.

A Laser Weapon successfully tested by the U.S. that can demolish mid-flight aircraft

The United States Navy didn’t offer a particular place of LWSD (Laser Weapons System Demonstrator) test, just telling that it happened on 16 May in the Pacific.

Videos did not demonstrate the robustness of the weapon

The strength of the weapon did not reveal in the video, but documentation made by the IISS (International Institute for Strategic Studies) said that it was likely to be a 150 kilo-watt laser.

The commanding officer of Portland, Captain Karrey Sanders said in a statement that by arranging advanced at sea tests practical against Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and small crafts, we will attain a significant information on the abilities of the Solid State LWSD (Laser Weapons System Demonstrator) against potential.

He continued that with this modern ability, we are on the way to redefine war at sea for the United States Navy.

Moreover, the Navy tells lasers, which it calls DEW (Direct Energy Weapons) could be effective defenses against armed small ships or drones.

A Laser Weapon successfully tested by the United States

Furthermore, that statement said that the Navy’s development of Direct Energy Weapons, such as the Laser Weapons System Demonstrator provide abrupt warfighter benefits and offer the commander improved decision space and response options.

A media outlet known as CNN has viewed a live fire activity of a thirty-kilowatt laser weapon in 2017, abroad the aquatic transport craft USS Ponce in Persian Gulf.

How laser weapons works?

A laser weapons system officer, Lt. Cale Hughes demonstrated at that time, how these weapons perform operations according to their specifications.

Hughes told that it is pushing a heavy amount of photons at that object that is coming towards them. He added that we don’t worry about range, we don’t worry about wind and also added we don’t worry about anything else. Besides this, he said that we are able to engage the aims at the speed of light. Latterly in the same year, Ponce was retired from his job.