Judge provisionally banned Mary Trump’s tell-all book

Judge provisionally banned Mary Trump's tell-all book
Mary Trump's tell-all book Source: Web

On Tuesday, a New York judge, prohibited the publication temporarily of an unflattering tell-all book which has written by Mary Trump, President Donald Trump’s niece that Simon and Schuster is set to publish the book in July.

 The ruling, approved by Hal B. Greenwald, the judge of the New York (NY) State Supreme Court, the trial court of the state, is an initial victory for Robert S. Trump (the younger brother of President Trump). Moreover, Robert S. Trump had made efforts to stop the book by the President’s niece, Mary Trump, saying that it interrupts the confidentiality of the agreement, which is linked to the estate of Fred Trump (President Trump’s father).

Robert Trump seemed happy with the Supreme Court’s decision

In a statement, Robert Trump’s lawyer, Charles Harder, said that Robert Trump is very happy with the Supreme Court’s ban against Simon & Schuster and Mary Trump.

Besides this, he called the actions made by Simon & Schuster, and Mary Trump was reprehensible. Moreover, he added that he would see forward to solve this case vigorously.

He continued that short of the corrective move to quickly cease their badly conduct, and we will follow this case till the very end. Furthermore, Harder, just not operating this case, even carries a history of filing other cases against several news companies on behalf of the President.

Judge temporarily banned Mary Trump's tell-all book
President Donald Trump, Source: Web

A well-known First Amendment lawyer who represents Mary Trump, Ted Boutrous, who even represented a media company, CNN, on various matters in the past days, said that the order completely violates the First Amendment. He added that they will abruptly appeal, and this book, which holds such matters of great public importance and concern about a sitting person (President Trump) in the election year, should not be blocked even for one day.

The company will face heavy damage, Jonathan Karp said

On Tuesday, in an affidavit, Jonathan Karp, chief executive of Simon & Schuster, said that banning the book from a publication would push extraordinary economic damage to the firm.

Jonathan Karp showed that Simon & Schuster had previously printed around seventy-five thousand copies of that book. He further added that it will no longer keep the control of the copies that have been supplied to online retailers and booksellers.

Karp continued that in his thirty years of working in a book publishing, he didn’t know any of the book that was ever criticized and enjoined from the public side for any reason. Furthermore, he added that Simon & Schuster had not been aware of any confidentiality deal that Mary Trump had settled until around two weeks before, well at that time book had been accepted, pushed into production, and printing had started.