Joe Biden to work on Mask Mandate, Rejoin Paris and MAGA Reversal on first day 

Joe Biden to work on Mask Mandate, Rejoin Paris and MAGA Reversal
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Joe Biden to make an appeal to national unity when he is sworn on Wednesday and decides instant activities to battle the pandemic Coronavirus and remove some of Trump’s highly controversial policies, Biden’s incoming chief of staff described on Sunday.

President-elect Joe Biden aims a number of executive orders in his first hour after the inauguration, described aide Ron Klain. He explained to a media outlet, CNN, that ‘State of the Union’ that Joe Biden, in his introductory address to the country, will deliver a message of moving this country forward. A message of unity and a message of getting all things done.

Elimination of Trump’s restriction over immigration

Joe Biden will eliminate President Trump’s ban on immigration to the United States from a few Muslim majority territories, move to return the Paris climate accord, and necessary mask-wearing on federal buildings and during interstate travel. These are some of the rough activities Joe Biden will follow on the inauguration day in the House.

Joe Biden to work on Mask Mandate, Rejoin Paris and MAGA Reversal on day first 
Biden to start working on the day when he is sworn,
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Some other activities include increasing the pause on student loan expenses, and these activities are meant to stop evictions and foreclosures for struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a memo, Klain explained that these executive orders will deliver relief to the millions of the United States people that are struggling to deal with those crises. Moreover, Joe Biden will follow the action, not just to converse the gravest damages of President Trump’s administration and also to begin moving their country forward.

Kate Bedingfield, incoming White House communication director, explained that Joe Biden would use his speech to the United States people to appeal to those frustrated by the rancor of Washington and to describe how Joe Biden’s administration will handle the obstacles of the country.

She continued that she thinks you can expect that this is going to be a moment where Biden will really work to struggle to turn the page on the divisiveness and the hate over the previous four years and really lay out an optimistic, positive vision for the nation, and lay out a way, lay out a path forward ahead that really demands all of us to work together.

On Sunday, Klain said that she thinks there are people on both sides they can work with to move this plan forward.