James Redford, Robert Redford’s son, died at the age of 58

James Redford, Robert Redford's son, died at the age of 58
James Redford died from pile-duct cancer in liver, Source: Web

On Tuesday, James Redford (a filmmaker, an activist, and philanthropist) has passed away, a representative for his father, director, and actor Robert Redford confirmed a media company, CNN.

 A statement delivered to CNN, which reads the grief is endless with the loss of a child, Jamie was a loving father, husband, and son. And his legacy survives through his art, kids, filmmaking, and his enthusiastic passion for the environment and conservation. Moreover, Robert Redford is mourning along with his family throughout this hard time and asks for privacy.

On Friday, Kyle (James Redford’s wife) took to Twitter with pictures of him and their family. She wrote that Jamie Redford, 58, passed away today, and they are heartbroken. She continued that Jamie lived an impactful and beautiful life and was loved by many people.

Kyle added that Jamie Redford will be extremely missed, and as his wife, she is the most grateful for 2 spectacular kids they raised together. She does not know what they would have done without them in the previous two years.

Jamie Redford, Robert Redford's son, passed away
Jamie Redford is no more with us,
Source: Web

Jamie died from bile-duct cancer

James Redford’s wife told The Salt Lake Tribune that her husband died because of bile-duct cancer in his liver.

David James Redford (also known as Jamie) was the 3rd of 4 kids born to Redford and his ex-wife Lola Van Wagenen. Besides this, he was passed a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and film from UOC (University of Colorado-Boulder) and even a master level degree in literature from Northwestern University.

In 2005, Jamie, along with his father, co-founded The Redford Center, which uses impact-driven movies and media to run environmental and climate justice repair and solutions. Furthermore, Jamie Redford attended the organization as a chairman, where he called himself a writer, producer, and director for television and film.

He described that he comes from a long series of storytellers, so the idea of being forced to make sense of things is important to who he is and how he sees the world.