Italy’s death toll climbs above 7,000 but new cases declines for the fourth day in a row

Italy’s death toll climbs 7,000 but the new cases declines

Expected that Europe is on the way to cure itself from coronavirus because that region has faced the most danger regarding COVID-19. New cases are consistently decreasing by each coming day.

Civil Protection Agency of the country said on Wednesday, the number of deaths has crossed the figure 7,500. It’s a fourth running day, and the rate of the new cases is slowing down every day.

Analysts showed that the number of coronavirus cases in Italy are 57,521 and above 3,491 cases arose on Tuesday. On Sunday, the number of newly confirmed cases were 3,957, while on Monday, the new cases were slightly lower (3,780) than the previous day.

On Wednesday, current updated data expresses that the new COVID-19 deaths in Italy increased by 683. The country recorded the highest deaths record in one day that is 793 deaths on Saturday.

Angelo Borrelli, Coronavirus Emergency Commissioner and Civil Protection Agency head, who is well known for his daily COVID-19 conference in Italy, was found unable to join the regular conference on Wednesday, after knowing that he got fever on the morning. Moreover, he was also tested for COVID-19; thus far, results are pending.

Italy’s death toll climbs above 7,000 but new cases declines for the fourth day in a row

Italy was founded to be the epicenter of the Coronavirus outbreak in Europe, which has severely affected the rest of Europe.

According to John Hopkins University, currently, the region holds more than 216,000 cases and 472,000 cases are all around the world.

Death toll in Spain

Spain is now in the second position regarding Coronavirus cases after Italy, and the tally has crossed 47,610 cases. The health ministry of Spain reported on Wednesday that one day tally rose by the maximum number of 738 deaths. Furthermore, Spain and Italy both are competing with the official figure from China that is 3,291, where the pandemic was started initially.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, told that the reaction of the European Union to Coronavirus pandemic should be united, mighty and swift. He added that response on financial and economic levels must be cohesive, massive, and prompt.