Israel officially announced a cease-fire after an 11-day conflict

Official declaration of closure of 11-day war

Israel officially announced a cease-fire after an 11-day conflict
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On Tuesday, Hamas and Israel decided to a cease-fire, ending the eleven-day battle that created extensive devastation in the Gaza Strip, left around two hundred people dead.

At 02:00 am local time, when the cease-fire happened, rage life returned to Gaza streets. Moreover, the locals went outside while shouting ‘Allah-o-Akbar’ and some people whistling from their balconies. Plus, many people shot have made air shots and celebrated the cease-fire.

Including the three earlier battles between the hostile opponents, the recent round of battle ended inconclusively. Furthermore, Israel reported to inflict huge damage on people but once again Israel had founded unable to stop the Islamic aggressive group’s unstoppable rocket attacks.

Netanyahu faced angry accusations

Abruptly, Benjamin Netanyahu (Prime Minister of Israel) dealt with fury allegations from his hard-line, right-wing that Netanyahu has halted the operation too soon.

The Islamic militant group vowed to destroy Israel, Hamas has claimed and celebrated the cease-fire as a victory. But the country will now face the scary task of rebuilding in a region that had already been dealing with extensive unemployment, poverty, and pandemic Coronavirus outbreak.

Israel officially announced a cease-fire after an 11-day conflict
Israel officially announced a cease-fire after an 11-day conflict,
Source: Web

Prime Minister’s office described that his Security Cabinet had solidly approved an Egyptian proposal for a cease-fire as approvals from the military chief of Israel and other leading security regulators. A declaration boasted of important successes in the operation, and some of them were unprecedented. Besides this, it had also added an open hazard threat to Hamas.

The statement explained the political leaders stressed the reality on the ground will curb the future of the campaign.

On 10 May, the war erupted as Hamas militant groups in Gaza directed long-range missiles toward Jerusalem. The bombardment appeared when days-long battles between Israeli police and Palestinian protesters at the Mosque Al-Aqsa compound. Moreover, strict police strategies at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, made on a place holy to Jews and Muslims, and a vulnerable bunch of Palestinians by Jewish colonizers had fueled the tensions.

Many militant groups, including Hamas, directed more than four thousand missiles into Israel during the whole battle, launching the missiles from civilian regions at Israeli cities.