President Joe Biden’s Inauguration goes off without security issues

President Joe Biden's Inauguration goes off without security threats
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In the absence of crowd, troops set on the sidewalks in proper gear and empty streets blocked by concrete barriers and armored vehicles. The country’s most familiar region has closed off by miles of fencing.

President-elect Joe Biden had safely sworn in as American President in Washington, and two weeks before the inauguration day, pro-Trump protestors attacked the US Capitol. Law enforcement regulators not only prepared for the outside threat but also performed strict inside checks to track any danger from the service members.

An official said that security regulators observed members of military groups, far-right extremists, emerging difficulties about the threat they could face in the region and ignite vicious happening. Although there were some scattered arrests observed but no serious trouble or major riot in Washington during the inauguration ceremony of Joe Biden.

In his speech, President-elect Joe Biden said that here we stand just days after an uncontrolled riot thought they could use violence to quiet people’s will, to avert the execution of our democracy, and to drive us from this terrifying ground. He continued that it didn’t happen and it will never happen, not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

Lockdown imposed at the country’s capital

Passing through the deadly assault that had taken five lives on 6th January, the Secret Service highly tightened the security of Joe Biden’s inauguration event and implemented a lockdown at the country’s capital region.  Moreover, multiple barriers and checkpoints were placed at each intersection.

President Joe Biden's Inauguration goes off without security issues
Lockdown imposed at the capital region,
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One of the officials close to the matter said that in the hours ahead of the inauguration event, federal detectives showed fears about concerning online chatter, which highlighted a series of concerns against chosen regulators and discussions to interrupt Biden’s inauguration.

A few National Guards removed from security operations

Nearly a dozen of National Guards was replaced from the assigned security activities as the FBI closely performed the vetting process. Furthermore, two of the guards were also removed from security operations because they have made extremists statements in texts or posts about the inauguration’s event. Besides this, the FBI inspected all 25,000 service members by executing excellent security checks.

Another two American officials described to The Associated Press that all twelve national guards were monitored to have links with right-wing militia associations or to have published extremist statements online. The regulators didn’t disclose which fringe group the national guard member linked to or what association they served in.