Lindsey Graham proclaimed impeachment witness would turn trial into circus

Sen. Lindsey Graham said that the President Trump Senate impeachment trial is one clown short of a circus.

After QAnon Shaman’s (a Capitol rioter) lawyer described that his client would be ready to testify, Lindsey Graham (the South Carolina Republican) said that it would turn the trial into a complete circus.

On Twitter, the South Carolina Republican wrote that he can’t think of a better way to turn the next impeachment ordeal into a complete circus than to call Shaman as a witness on anything.

Lindsey Graham has consistently emphasized against the need for any eyewitness at all. He continued that the house impeached Donald Trump without witnesses, and if they open the witness door in the Senate, there would be a colossal number of witnesses demanded on different topics. Moreover, the Trump impeachment trial will go for months, not for days.

Chansley didn’t get organic food in jail

Jacob Chansley, who joined the U.S. Capitol mob in a horned bearskin head-dress, no shirt, and face paint, now said that he was tricked by former President Donald Trump when he did not get a pardon. Furthermore, after getting disrepute for his different clothing style, the Shaman, YouTuber went viral once again when his mother described he had not eaten for many days in prison because they didn’t deliver him organic food.

Albert Watkins explained that Chansley mourned being in a place where he permitted that duping to put him in place to take decisions he should not have made. Besides this, the attorney described to the Associated Press that he has yet to talk to legislators about the offer, and senators hadn’t voted whether to permit witnesses during the impeachment trial.

Attorney Albert Watkins said that senators must listen to someone who was purportedly encouraged by Donald Trump. Former President Donald Trump was accused by the House of Representatives for incitement of insurrection as the Capitol riot, and the Senate trial is planned to begin on 8th February.

The Democrats are considering whether to use witnesses in the impeachment trial, the House impeachment administrators will probably use some social media footage filmed by rioters themselves.

Last week, Albert Watkins said that his client was practically enticed into the mob by former President Trump and encouraged to make extreme activities to change the election results.