If Biden can vote in-person, anyone can do it – President Trump

Trump says if Joe Biden can ballot in-person, anyone can do it
Trump says Biden can do it, why you can't? Source: Web

On Monday evening, Donald Trump, the United States President, came to the social media platform, Twitter, to call Joe Biden (presumptive Democratic presidential nominee) for voting in person for the Delaware election.

Trump said that if Joe Biden, former vice president, can cast a vote at a voting center and it is obviously not much difficult for the average people.

Donald Trump tweeted that did you see where Biden, as tired, weak, and sleepy as he went to a Polling station today in Delaware, of course, to Vote? If Joe Biden can do it, then anyone can do it.

If Biden can vote in-person, anyone can do it - President Trump
Joe Biden, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee,
Source: Web

Mr. President and Republicans have conflicted with Democrats about the mail-in-voting process. Moreover, President Trump has urged that mail-in-voting could lead to fraud in voting. On the other side, Joe Biden encouraged that the choice of mail-in-voting and even said that mail-in-voting is secure and safe. Joe Biden also called out President Trump for requesting mail-in-voting for the Florida election back in August.

Deputy national press secretary for the Trump 2020 campaign, Ken Farnaso, described at the time that Joe Biden is disingenuously misleading many Americans on universal mail-in-voting and absentee voting, and they aren’t the same thing. Basically, changing how American people vote eighty-one days ahead of Election Day is inviting disorder into the country’s election system.

President Trump has been prompting voters to cast both by mail and in-person because he described that if the system is entirely effective as Democrats describe it is, there would be no problem.

In North Carolina, Donald Trump told voters to ensure your Ballot Counts, sign and send it in early. Furthermore, when polling station opens, go to your polling station to see in case if it was counted. But if a vote did not cast then vote. And don’t allow them illicitly take your vote away from you.

Twitter highlighted President Trump’s tweet as breaking of its Civic Integrity Policy and said that casting vote in the state twice is illicit.