House passes three trillion dollars for the COVID-19 relief bill

House grants three trillion dollars for the COVID-19 relief bill

On Friday, Representatives of the House approved a sweeping bill to spend above three trillion dollars for Coronavirus relief package and instructions change to permit lawmakers to ballot remotely during the epidemic Coronavirus.


The calculation was passed by a ballot 208 to 199 despite the fact that Republican opposition and from some progressive and moderate Democrats. Around 14 Democrats crossed the lines of the party to ballot opposite to it, and 1 Republican balloted in support of that.

The law, which is reflecting Democratic priorities and it wasn’t a product for bipartisan negotiations, and considered as the largest relief package in the history of United States, and leaders of the House Democratic said that the relief package, which assigns funding for different states and local government, testing for Coronavirus and even new direct payments to the United States citizens, immediately required to address the crisis.

Moreover, Republicans have cleared that is dead on the coming of GOP Controlled Senate. Furthermo0re, Democrats even have to face with pushback from moderates and criticism that the bill had not extensive bipartisan help and progressive who trust the package didn’t go well to support Americans that are having fallout due to the pandemic Coronavirus.

House passes three trillion dollars for the COVID-19 relief bill

House Speaker is working hard for votes

In a symbol of how critical that pushback was, Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker operated to lock in the favor for the relief bill in front of the final ballot, and various sources are involved in counting the votes. Furthermore, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is working hard behind the camera to confirm that she acquired the ballots.

Asked by someone to Nancy Pelosi that how much tough she was working for the vote then on Friday, she told to a media outlet that like a normal and even she told, she was fully confident that the relief bill would be passed.

On Thursday, Nancy Pelosi, who is a Democrat of California, protected the bill from the opposition assaults that it is bipartisan while saying that we are putting our struggles on the table, and we are open to talk about it.

On the other side, most of the Republicans have lost the relief package considering it as a liberal wish list. Moreover, they have talked about it is too early to move forward with another far-reaching law response to the Coronavirus pandemic without first taking a look at previous results of the trillion dollars support that was already working.