The House approves law to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants

The House approves law to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants
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On Thursday, the House approved an immigration bill that is going to offer legal rights to millions of undocumented immigrants and protect them from deportation. Under the new legislation, undocumented immigrants will be provided with a proper pathway to stay in the U.S. permanently.

The House of Representatives approved the Dream and Promise Act, which will help above three million ‘Dreamers’ and other people to a chance for American citizenship. Moreover, the vote for the bill was 228-197, and 9 Republicans supported Democrats in this action. Seven Republicans had collaborated last time at the time when the issue was considered in 2019.

On Thursday, another act (The Farm Workforce Modernization Act) was also approved by 247 to 174 votes, and thirty Republicans supported it. Furthermore, one of the Democrats voted against this act. The bill would support another one million immigrant agriculture employees and their families to stay officially in America.

Biden supported both acts

Joe Biden (the U.S. President), who supported both acts, emphasized Congress to continue to work to pass inclusive immigration modification to develop a path for citizenship for the projected eleven undocumented immigrants currently living in America.

The House approves law to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants
The House approves law to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants,
Source: Web

On Thursday, in a statement, Joe Biden’s Office of Management and Budget said that the United States people recognize that their country is enriched by the contributions of immigrants. Besides this, the act is a critical milestone toward much-ended relief for the millions of unlawful persons who call the U.S. home.

On the other side, Republican officials criticized the Dreamer act as an amnesty program that would additionally act as a magnet for undocumented immigrant people to flood the Southern border. The GOP has been slamming Joe Biden for the rush of undocumented migrants that is on pace to reach a twenty-year high.

Republican Whip Steve, while whipped members to not vote, said that when you have a disaster at the border, the last effort you should do is make it worse. He added that is what this act does.

The farm employees act to support undocumented agriculture employees, their families, and little kids get legal status. The GOP members see the act as a pathway to stabilize the farming workers and even phase in a necessary nationwide E-verity system for all kinds of agricultural jobs.

While backing the act, Rep. Mike Simpson said that this act is not about what is practicing on the border. He added that this act isn’t amnesty, and it doesn’t grant anyone amnesty. It permits people to get legal rights and to become a legal employee in America.


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