Harris will visit the border but doesn’t highlight when

Vice President to visit border but not sure when

Harris will visit the border but doesn't highlight when
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On Tuesday, Kamala Harris (Vice President of America) described that she is going to visit the American-Mexican border, but she didn’t describe when, after completing a 2-day tour to Mexico and Guatemala.

Kamala Harris answered the question about whether she is going to take a look at the border; she replied that yes, she will, and she has before. Harris continued, ‘listen, anybody, particularly if you are from California, you know, she has spent a lot of time on the border both physically and aware of these issues.

On Monday, she was discussing at media availability after the conference with Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (President of Mexico) as part of the tour that had also observed her tour Guatemala.

Harris slammed by critics over not showing at borders

Moreover, she has dealt with consistent criticism regarding her failure to visit the Mexican-American border since being appointed to handle diplomatic struggles to terminate the migration disaster in March. Plus, she had been ready with questions regarding visiting there on the trip.

Harris will visit the border but doesn't highlight when
Harris will visit the border but doesn’t highlight when,
Source: Web

The House has highlighted the main causes of the disasters, such as climate change, violence in Center American, and poverty. Furthermore, she described that she hasn’t dealt with border issues or in charge of the border, but the diplomatic outreach to fight the main reasons. Besides this, the GOP members and former Trump regulators led those discussions and stressed she must visit the border crisis.

On Tuesday, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Western Hemisphere Affairs at the time of Trump supremacy, Sergio de la Pena, described to Fox News that the problems are at the American-Mexican border. He added that the problem is ramped up illicit immigration to the U.S. He said that you deal with it by observing what is happening at their own border, and then you can go back and examine other things.

On Monday, in a news conference with Alejandro Giammattei (Guatemalan President), the vice president was asked about her border visit, and Harris declines the action as a grand gesture.

She said that the reason she is here in Guatemala as her first tour as vice president of America is because this is one of their highest priorities, and she came here to be here on the ground, to talk with the leader of this country around what they can do in a way that is important, is tangible and has real results.