Green card suspension by the President Trump

Green card suspension order signed by the Trump

The United States President, Trump, has made a sign order to stop further approval of green cards for temporarily.

He said the calculations contain various exemptions, but that measure is last for about two months, and there would be a chance for the extension.

Mr. President also said that the order is developed to protect United States workers’ employment at the time of crisis when the economy on its knees by the Coronavirus epidemic.

While people are accusing him of using COVID-19 as a protection tool to rule long-lasting, that’s why he is dealing with immigration policies in the election year.

On Wednesday, during coronavirus briefing at White House, Trump said that this will ensure that Americans who are unemployed with any background will be on front in the line for employment as our economy reopens.

Green card suspension order signed by the President Trump

New policies for immigration

The calculations are expected to halt the exercise for people that holds green cards and sponsoring their families for permanent United States residency, which Mr. President called chain migration.

The policy wouldn’t be applicable for American spouses (wife or husband) and unmarried kids under the age of twenty-one.

The policy also created change for DVL (Diversity Visa Lottery) to suspend its working, which annually issues around 50,000 green cards.

There is also an exemption for those people who are already serving in the United States. Moreover, there is also relaxation for those who are finding entry to work as a nurse, doctors, or any other medical healthcare professional.

Exception even extended for those thousands of people that hold temporary guest visas such as skilled workers and farm laborers through the H-1B program.

Who will be affected by the policy?

Coronavirus pandemic already implanted some of that policy’s parts and dull the abrupt effect of that deal because the state department already stopped almost all the visa processing for weeks.

President Trump blocked above 20,000 applications for every month to get the green card, for Washington based migration policy institute.

Omar Jadwat, American Civil Liberties Union’s Immigrants’ director, told that the policy would create great pain for families and workers across the country.

On Monday night, in a tweet, Mr. Trump halted all the immigration working for the United States.

Such as many other countries, the United States implemented travel limitations to contain the COVID-19. Furthermore, Trump’s administration contains limited Chinese visitors, but the maximum are from Europe and lock the borders for everyone but important travel from Canada and Mexico.