The GOP is ambiguous about its future as it faces trouble with Trump legacy

The GOP is ambiguous about its future as it faces trouble with Trump legacy
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A backlash has been created within the GOP because its members start to find out how Donald Trump and his bequest fit into the Republican Party’s future. Many Republicans have revealed their point of view, saying that the GOP should impeach former President Donald trump and convict him.

On the other side, some of the members are in favor of Trump and demonstrating their loyalty to him in the state, in conservative media, and even in local party organizations. But a group of party members is still are afraid of power Trump because Trump yet holds a significant place in the party. Moreover, these members also see electoral possibilities in accepting a variant of his populist-conservative approach.

So, at this moment, the GOP is in trouble with itself over who will decide its upcoming routes and, more importantly, who will keep driving seat in the Republican Party. The unity of the GOP is scattered over a prolonged backlash between the grassroots of the party and leadership class that was interrupted during the presidency of Donald Trump when many GOP members tried to cross him.

The GOP is ambiguous about its future as it faces trouble with Trump legacy
GOP is ambiguous about its future as it faces trouble with Trump legacy,
Source: Web

The radio host and the conservative commentator, Erick Erickson, described that Republicans are stepping in the wilderness and looking desperately to put the blame. He continued that they are going to have to create room for each other or allow the Democrats to cross him in the midterms.

Disunity in GOP could lead existential threats to members

Lack of unity in the GOP could demonstrate further existential concerns to its members. During last days at the White House, Donald Trump came up with the notion of giving birth to a new political party. But other party members declined the idea of launching the new political party, the “patriot party.”

Erick Erickson added that the partition in the GOP is not just philosophical but literal because both sides are redoubting the Republican Party’s infrastructure. He explained that the pre-Trump establishment mostly operates the policy development arm of the party; the Donald Trump wing manages the state party arms.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, one of the ten Republicans who vote for impeachment, said that the party is in the center of a difficult skirmish about its own identity. He described to CNN that he does think they are in a battle, and it may be a clash that really needs to happen for their party to say. He said, “what does it we stand for? Not when it comes to policy, but as much as anything, are we aspirational, are we a party that feeds a no fear and division?”


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