Google to face claims from 10 American states regarding its ad practices

Google to face claims regarding its advertising practices
Google to deal with claims from ten states, Source: Web

Ten American states are alleging Google to following illicit moves to preserve its control over the online ad marketing. The states described that the accused actions even include striking an agreement with a social media giant, Facebook, to operate online advertising auctions.

This is considered the recent legal claim facing the tech company, which is now stressed from officials all across the world. Google refused to admit all these allegations, describing that it would be robustly backing itself against the lawsuit in the court.

On Wednesday’s case, spokesman of the firm said that they have invested in the modern advertising technology services that support businesses and offer an advantage to its consumers. He continued that Digital advertising costs have fallen in the previous decade and ad fees of the firm also lowering. He explained that Google’s advertising fees are lower than other platforms.

Google to face claims from 10 American states regarding its ad practices
Google to face claims regarding its advertising practices,
Source: Web

The social media platform, Facebook, declined the request to comment. The claim takes vision at Google’s monopoly of the online ad market, which it describes was cleared off in 2008 with its trade of DoubleClick, the primary software that publishers implement to sell online advertising.

All of the states have Republican prosecutors

Ten American states claiming Google are Idaho, Utah, Dakota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Mississippi, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Texas and Arkansas, all of them have Republican prosecutors.

All these states alleging that Google implemented its novel policy to provide benefit to its other business, such as enforcing customers to license its advertising servers. Moreover, the filed lawsuit even said that the company followed the steps to covertly undercut innovations that were dodging its fees.

 The claim even alleges Google of providing benefits in online advertising markets, in return for the strong falling of its strategies to compete.

Footage published on Twitter, in which Ken Paxton (Texas Attorney General) announced the claim, saying that Google consistently implemented its control to manage pricing, engage in a market conspiracy to rig auctions in a marvelous violation of justice.

He continued that the company was a “goliath of a company” implementing its power to operate the market, and also this was creating damage to each American citizen.

Paxton described that it is not fair that Google can danger the web pages you visit and read. He added that if the free market were as a baseball game, then Google placed itself as the umpire, a batter and a pitcher.