GOL will restart Boeing 737 Max passenger flights on Wed

GOL airline will resume Boeing 737 Max passenger flights
GOL Brazilian airline, Source: Web

On late Monday, the GOL Brazilian airline declared that it will become the 1st airline worldwide to travel passenger on the Boeing 737 Max in around 2 years.

On 18th November, the Boeing 737 Max was cleared to get passengers once again by the United States Federal Aviation Administration. Thus far, Brazil is the only other nation whose flight regulator has cleared the Boeing 737 Max to travel passengers, even though European and Canadian authorities have halted their operations.

In March 2019, Boeing 737 Max was grounded by aviation agencies of the country across the world after 2 deadly crashes that took the lives of 346 people.

The biggest domestic airline of Brazil, GOL, described that it will use the aircraft on paths to and from its main location in Sao Paulo (the country’s biggest city), but airline didn’t explain the proper path for its first flight.

GOL will restart Boeing 737 Max passenger flights on Wed
GOL airline to resume Boeing 737 Max passenger flights,
Source: Web

The company said that travelers will be assured that their journey will be on Boeing 737 Max, and anyone who doesn’t want to travel on that airbus they will have their tickets swapped with the flight that featured other airbus.

GOL airline expects to resume 737 Max services

The Brazilian airline featured nothing but Boeing airbus in its fleet of 127 aircrafts, which in turn make it one of the significant customers of Boeing aircraft manufacturer. Moreover, GOL attained 7 of the 737 Max aircrafts in its collection of airbuses. Besides this, the airline even believes to have all of 737 Max flights back in work by late December.

GOL even came up with orders for ninety-five other Boeing 737 Max aircraft, and it is planned to get the delivery of those jets between 2022 and 2032.

The three American airlines that attain the Max aircraft, including United, Southwest, and American Airlines, have founded lazy to resume the Max 737 jet into service.

However, American Airlines will be the 1st of three to resume the aircraft between New York and Miami on 29th December. Last month, United described that it supposes to begin traveling the aircraft in the starting months of the incoming year. In the case of Southwest, which held thirty-four aircraft of 737 Max and above than any other airline, is not expected to resume its Max planes until spring 2021.