FBI tightly inspecting service members before Joe Biden’s inauguration

FBI tightly inspecting service members before Joe Biden's inauguration
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The Associated Press confirmed that defense officials are concerned about some inside attack or external threat from service associates that are involved in the inauguration security of President-elect Joe Biden.

On Sunday, an Army official described to NBC News that the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is inspecting each service members on hand in the capital to support Joe Biden’s inauguration. The official said that the Army is operating with the FBI to inspect all service members involved in the Inauguration National Special Security Event.

Ryan McCarthy, Army Secretary, said that the AP that officials were aware of the potential threat and warned the commanders to look out for any misconduct as Biden’s inauguration arrives.

Current and ex-associates of law enforcement agencies and the American military come to participate in the Capitol incursion. Moreover, last week, a person in the Virginia National Guard was condemned in federal court linked to the violence, which has connected to 5 deaths and damage at the US Capitol.

Till now, no threat observed to Biden’s inauguration

Thus far, defense regulators mentioned that they didn’t observe any potential threat to the inauguration of Joe Biden. On Monday, in a statement, acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller described that they have no intelligence showing inside threats, they are leaving no stone unturned in defending and protecting the capital. He continued that this kind of inspection often takes place by law enforcement for important security events.

FBI tightly inspecting service members before Joe Biden's inauguration
Source: Web

The Justice Department and Army are inspecting all service members involved in President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, and also the United States Capitol Police declared the previous week that they had suspended many of their own officers and will inspect around 10 more officers.

More security at Washington than ever

The selection of the FBI of all service associates is a change from the previous week, when the American Army described it was operating with the Secret Service to find out which of the soldiers require further background inspection.

In Washington, securities have been intensely tightened since January 6, as pro-Trump followers demolished the United States Capitol and made an effort to avert the certification of Joe Biden to appoint as the upcoming president of the United States of America. Besides this, a defense regulator described that there are 25,000 National Guard troops available in Washington for the safe inauguration with a higher number of armed soldiers than ever.