Facebook decided to close far-right groups amid protest discussions

Facebook decided to close far-right groups amid protest discussions

On Tuesday, the social media giant, Facebook, said that it had closed accounts and pages that are linked with such members or friends that were negotiating about carrying weapons to various protests locations that are occurring throughout the country.

Moreover, Facebook described that it had monitored people that are linked with American Guard, a Facebook group, in which illegal thoughts were transferring one to another.

That Facebook group says it is linked to American constitutional nationalism, but the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) says American Guard has associated with hatred, anti-immigrant extremism, and violence.

Facebook shutting down groups

The company said that it had even shut down the accounts that are associated with Proud Boys, a far-right Facebook group, despite the fact that it had not identified any weapons-related posts or any other discussion.

Facebook said that it has decided to work on taking actions against those groups, but Facebook had accelerated the process at that time when it came to know how FB groups were negotiating the protests.

Facebook shuts down far-right group deciding to bring weapons to protests

On Tuesday, the staff of the firm said to a media outlet that Facebook’s teams are fighting with inauthentic and dangerous organizations that are working through that platform.

Furthermore, the company’s staff even described that the firm would manage actions on people working on that platform to establish violence regardless of any political association.

On the other side, Twitter says on Monday that a fake Antifa account is calling to create violence that was operated by White Supremacists, although Twitter removed that account.

Antifa account is properly named as ANTIFA_US on twitter, and on Sunday, it tweeted that ‘Alter Tonight, Comrades Tonight we say F**k The City. The tweet continued that we go into the residential areas, the white hoods we all take what is ours #F**kAmerica #Blacklivesmaters.

Facebook decided to close far-right groups amid protest negotiations

Tweet grabbed the attention of Donald Trump Jr.

That twitter account had grabbed the attention of United States President Donald Trump’s son, who is Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. published screenshots of that tweet on his Instagram account and said that it is absolutely insane and remember what Antifa actually is. An organization made by terrorists, and they aren’t even pretending any longer.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump Jr.’s spokesperson did not give any comment to the media outlet, but after some time, that post was deleted from Trump Jr.’s Instagram account. Thus far, there is no sign that Trump Jr. was familiar with the body that was operating that account, either it was a fake account.