Intense earthquake hits Turkey and Greece causing deaths and floods

Earthquake struck in Turkey and Greece causing deaths and floods
Earthquake destroyed at least 20 buildings in Turkey, Source: Web

Around 22 people have died, and homes were destroyed in an extremely powerful earthquake in the north of the Greek Island of Samos and Turkey’s Aegean coast.

 The USGS (United States Geological Survey) said that the 7.0 magnitude earthquake was struck off in the Izmir province of Turkey. The country mentioned the low magnitude of 6.6 and described that twenty people had lost their lives, and around 786 people were wounded in Izmir, Turkey. Moreover, two teenagers have died in Samos, a Greek island.

The earthquake also started a mini-tsunami that has created the further disturbance in Samos and Izmir. Moreover, the authorities in the provincial capital Izmir are making a tent region that can house around two thousand people overnight because of the fear that several other buildings could destroy. The country’s authorities claimed that seventy people had been saved from under the destroyed buildings.

Rescuers were consistently digging through destructed concrete material even after the darkness, looking for more survivors. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) described that the earthquake, which went as far away as Istanbul and Athens, that struck at a depth of six miles or 10 km, but Turkish authorities described that it was sixteen km below ground.

Earthquake struck in Turkey and Greece causing deaths and floods
Rescuers saved around 70 people from concrete,
Source: Web

Both cities reside on the fault lines

Both severely affected cities reside on the fault lines, and tremors are common. Furthermore, in Izmir (the third-largest city of Turkey that holds a population of around 3 million, several Turkish people were founded, running out into the roads and streets due to fear and panic situation after the tremor struck. Around twenty buildings that have faced severe destruction.

The Orla Guerin of BBC, in Istanbul, reported that video clips have been published on social media that caught the moment when a multi-story building was destroyed. Besides this, other video clips have shown that people are running over rubble to secure themselves.

Meanwhile, another disaster headed towards the city in the form of the flood when the sea level rose and a few fishermen are considered to be missing.

A retired teacher, Chris Bedford, who lives in Urla, described to BBC that it was a really robust shaker that almost knock your feet. He added that coming out of the home with his children was like a drunken wobble.