Dukakis alerts Biden: Ignoring the polls isn’t a guarantee of success

Dukakis alerts Biden: Ignoring the polls isn't a guarantee of success
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Michael Dukakis, the previous Democratic governor of Massachusetts, who didn’t get his White House bid in 1988 to President George Bush, is acknowledging Joe Biden not to take polls demonstrating him with a lead of double-digit number over President Donald Trump too seriously.

A fresh Fox News poll has Joe Biden, the presidential candidate, leading President Donald Trump 50-38 nationwide as crisis ramping up over the pandemic Coronavirus, unemployment, and racism. Biden even leads President Trump by 8.8 percentage points, and it’s an average of the current national polls measured by Real Clear Politics.

 According to The Boston Globe, in late July 1988, by comparing, a Newsweek poll demonstrated Dukakis with a lead of 55-38 over George Bush.

Dukakis said to the Globe that, especially this year, polls should be observed cautiously. Moreover, Dukakis added that Joe Biden can and should get the victory, but having 50, no matter how weak your rival is, is not the surety of success.

Dukakis’ numbers follow a series of public relationships mistakes, and what was regarded in the second negotiation as a dispassionate performance between George Bush and himself. Moreover, at a certain point, Bernard Shaw, CNN anchor, asked Dukakis that if he will support the death penalty if Dukakis’ wife was raped and murdered.

Dukakis warns Biden: Ignoring the polls isn't a surety of success
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Dukakis replied, ‘no’ mentioning his hope that capital punishment is not a warning to crime. Many of the people felt his answer as cold.

Susan Estrich, his campaign director, recalled that it was a question related to Dukakis’ emotions and values, according to Politico. Besides this, he answered by talking policy that he knew they lost the election.

Dukakis’ numbers more plunged following George Bush’s campaign assault ad that featured Willie Horton, a black person who killed and raped a white lady and even stabbed her fiance in Maryland in 1987.  Furthermore, Horton had runaway from a weekend absence at a prison (Massachusetts) when the murder happened.

The incumbent president at that time, Ronald Reagan, even referred to Dukakis as an incorrect question over the mental state of the governor. Latterly, Reagan said that he was just joking.

In a mail, Dukakis said to the Globe that he thinks he dropped 8 points in the week Ronald Reagan called him the invalid, and he never got those early polls seriously.