Disney World set to reopen while coronavirus cases escalate

In Orlando, Walt Disney World Resort is still looking for a phased resuming on the 11th of July as Florida tackling with a high surge of confirmed Coronavirus cases recently.

 When Disney declared its phased resuming back at the end of May, Florida and many other Sun Belt states didn’t yet record the spikes in Coronavirus being confirmed now.

On Tuesday afternoon, a media outlet, CNN Travel, takes an abrupt look at where those things rose.

Florida quickly spikes in COVID-19 cases

Florida falls in those several Sun Belt states that faced a steep rise in Coronavirus cases over the previous fourteen days.

Till 4 PM Tuesday, the Health Department of Florida confirmed more than 213,794 COVID-19 cases since January. Moreover, it confirmed 7,361 novel Corona cases in the past twenty-four hours.

Just California and New York have confirmed higher cases than Florida. Although, on Tuesday, when calculated by the number of Coronavirus cases per 100,000 people, then Florida attained 15th position all across the United States.

Around 14,768 Coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Orange County, where Disney World’s parks are situated.

Disney World set to reopen after its closure due to COVID-19
Disney World Resort,
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What governor of the state thinks?

Ron DeSantis, Gov. of the State, who rapidly passed Disney’s resuming schedules back at the end of May, remains strongly the Disney World restarting.

On Monday, in a news conference, he admired the safety strategies that Disney World listed, described by the Orlando Sentinel newspaper.

Besides this, he described that Universal Orlando, which resumed on the 5th of June, is performing a really great job, and he hopes attending a Florida theme park would be secure than going to a big private crowd.

A media company, CNN, interviewed an infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt Medical Center, Dr. William Schaffner, in Nashville, Tennessee, at the end of May before the steep rise in COVID-19 cases in Florida.

He warned that people are at high risk with groups, the elderly and people those with underlying health problems, should be strictly observed before going in.

He added that you should ask yourself a question that is this benefit worth or the risk? You will get multiple answers, depending on your particular condition.

On Tuesday, Disney World published a health update from Dr. Pamela Hymel, the chief medical officer on Coronavirus protection reports.