Dick Thornburgh, former Gov. of Pennsylvania, has passed away at 88

Dick Thornburgh, former Gov. of Pennsylvania, died at age 88
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A former Republican, Richard Dick Thornburgh, who served as United States attorney general for two presidents, has passed away at age of 88, according to a statement declared from the Pennsylvania governor’s office.

On Thursday, Tom Wolf (Democratic Governor) ordered the American and Pennsylvania flags on all public buildings, commonwealth facilities and grounds to fly at half-members abruptly, to tribute Dick Thornburgh.

Thornburgh Dick acted as the governor of Pennsylvania for 2 terms from 1979 to 1987. After a year, Thornburgh was tapped by President Reagan to operate the Justice Department, a place where he worked during George Bush’s government, till 1991.

Thornburgh Dick handled nuclear mishap effectively

In a statement, Tom Wolf described that Governor Thornburgh Dick served 2 terms as governor of Pennsylvania, and a calm, grounded headship was a hallmark of his governorship. Moreover, Tom Wolf continued that Thornburgh guided Pennsylvania through a tumultuous phase in their history of commonwealth after the partial meltdown at the Three Mile Island nuclear power station. The statement further says, his voice of calm was necessary in the midst of crisis, and all of Pennsylvania grieves the loss of one of the great public servants.

Dick Thornburgh, former Gov. of Pennsylvania, has passed away at 88
Dick Thornburgh is no more,
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The nuclear mishap came just seventy-one days after Thornburgh Dick became the governor. Among a few of his initial activities during the disaster was his instructions for young children and pregnant ladies from that region. Even though, the nuclear accident showed no fear of any radiation, which could make any health problem among the general public and workers. Furthermore, the disaster made the federal mistake of nuclear power plants even more strict.

Thornburgh Dick focused on white-collar crime

According to NGA (National Governors Association), he also stabled the state budget every year during his two excellent gubernatorial phases, lowered the business and personal tax rates, reduced the state’s record-high indebtedness, and left the extra of 350 million dollars. NGA further added that at the Justice Department, Thornburgh Dick concentrated on drug trafficking, terrorism, white-collar crime, and several other significant issues.

Thornburgh, as George Bush’s attorney general, played an important role in the execution of the landmark 1990 American people with Disabilities Act, which in turn enlarged civil rights defenses for the disabled people of America. Besides this, Tom Wolf admired Thornburgh Dick’s participation, saying that, during his phase, the Attorney General’s office used its power to support vulnerable people’s needs.