Debris found in 70% of the inspected fuel tanks of 737 Max

Debris present in 70% of the inspected 737 Max Fuel Tanks

Inspections conclude that debris was founded in several undelivered 737 MAX jets’ fuel tanks of Boeing (American Commercial Airplanes company). On Friday, the spokesperson of the company has committed that roundabout two-thirds of 737 MAX jets carry debris, and the company is facing difficulties in regaining trust.

Boeing has terminated the production due to the previous crashed history of two new airplanes. 35 aircraft out of 50 were examined that has contained debris in fuel tanks, and the company won’t be able to deliver further airplanes to airline customers. Moreover, the firm has performed many inspections but didn’t give an exact number of infected airplanes.

Moreover, debris was revealed while maintaining the parked planes, and the firm immediately has gone through several amendments in the production system to avoid re-occurrence. Boeing even said in Saturday statement that it is intolerable for the company to deliver affected aircraft to airline customers.

Boeing corporation has explained that these incidences will not affect the company’s trust. Furthermore, they also have assured its customers that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will thoroughly check and certify the planes before taking the next flight in the coming summer.

Firm’s spokesperson also described that we couldn’t give you exact figures until all the aircraft are inspected. Besides, an FAA agent also notified that Boeing company is applying several inspection systems to undelivered MAX crafts to get more authentications towards its productions.


Debris found in 70% of the inspected fuel tanks of 737 Max

Boeing company currently testing the modern flight control software that would take the place of the system, which is considered a significant cause of previous crashes.

Besides, inspectors have done many researches that MAX jets accidents aren’t linked to production problems in the manufacturing plant near to Seattle. Boeing Company has founded debris even in other finished jets such as 787 Dreamliner that was assembled in South Carolina.

The firm itself has been passing through an adverse situation, especially after the crashes of two Boeing 737 Max in March 2019. Both crashes have occurred within five months, and 346 deaths drove the matter in a drastic position. Federal Aviation Administration and Boeing company have sent a message to airlines immediately for the flight recovery procedure and also restructuring MCAS.