Daniel Radcliffe replies to tweets made by JK Rowling regarding gender identity

Daniel Radcliffe replies to tweets made by JK Rowling regarding gender identity
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On Monday, the popular star of the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise, Daniel Radcliffe, answered to J.K Rowling, the founder of the franchise, about her controversial tweets related to gender identity, and addressed fans who have faced discomfort due to author’s comments and some of them labeled as transphobic.

J.K Rowling, who usually has faced fire by Potter fandom because of her social media posts, ignited reaction over the weekend after deriding the title about people who menstruate.

On Saturday, Rowling tweeted that people who menstruate, I am sure that there used to be a word for such people. She added that someone helped her out. Woomud? Wimpund? Wumben?

After a short passage of time, the name of the author was trending on Twitter, many alleging her of transphobia, she was also alleged before.

A period tracking application, Clue answered that hi @JK_rowling, making use of non-gendered language, is about going beyond the idea that woman=uterus. Furthermore, feminists were ridiculed once for wanting to alter the sexist language, but nowadays, it is common to call firefighter rather than a fireman.

Daniel Radcliffe replies to tweets made by JK Rowling
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Tessa Netting’s response to JK Rowling’s tweet

An actress, Tessa Netting, said what JK Rowling is talking about is dangerous and harmful and non-binary witches, the trans and wizards should deserve to feel loved and welcomed in the Harry Potter community, damn it.

On the other side, Radcliffe, who does not acquire any public presence on social media, responded a heartfelt reaction to J.K Rowling’s comment via the blogpost for the Trevor Project, which is a non-profitable dedicated to stopping suicide among youth and LGBTQ.

Radcliffe backing transgender in a tweet

Radcliffe wrote that transgender women are women. Any declaration to the contrary removes the dignity and identity of trans people, and it goes opposite to all advice provided by professional health-care corporations who have maximum expertise on that topic matter than either I or Jo (Rowling).

JK Rowling didn’t post any apology, although on Saturday, in a tweet, she said in quotes words that she has been calling as part of the backlash, including TERF, and witch, which points toward trans-exclusionary radical feminist. She added that times change, women hate is unending.

Furthermore, she protected her previous comments while following that tweet and wrote that if sex is not a real thing, then there is no same-sex attraction. She continued that if sex is not real, then the lived truth women is erased. I know, and I love the trans community, but removing the concept of sex erases the ability of several to meaningfully talk about their lives, and it does not hate to tell the truth.