Danica Patrick posted relationship quotes following Aaron Rodgers separation

Danica Patrick posted quotes following Rodgers separation
Danica Patrick, NASCAR driver, Source: Web

Danica Patrick exposed that she is now more aware of her checking in with emotions after splitting up with Aaron Rodgers.

The former driver of NASCAR on Saturday, on an Instagram story, published two quotes that are related to relationships due to her breakup with Aaron Rodgers.

One of the quotes has taken from Vienna Pharaon, a licensed marriage and family therapist in New York city.

The quote says that look at the chosen-relationship in your life and observes any themes. What role do you play, and who are you with them? Who do you think you need to be? What stories do you tell yourself of what they can provide you? What they can or cannot they handle?

The quote added that the path you select people may provide you insight into what you are desiring or what changes you may need to adopt in order to shift an overworked role you have held for long time.

Danica Patrick posted relationship quotes following Aaron Rodgers separation
Aaron Rodgers, the NFL star,
Source: Web

She also posted a quote related to relationships from Connor Beaton (relationship coach). Patrick, 38, captioned the post with the quote that says, listen to your body, you know the saying ‘gut feeling’? I founded it speaks to me before the mind. Quote added that I take it as an invitation to halt and look within. I ask, what could be going on?

Beaton’s quote said that the pain that we are given is the pain that we pass on. Besides this, her followers started to observe that Patrick and Rodgers might have broken up because the Pretty Intense author unfollowed the National Football League (NFL) star. Furthermore, since the spring finished, she neither posted a photo of the other.

On Thursday, on Fox News, in a statement, her representative declared that she and the NFL star Rodgers are no longer together.


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Walking through life with you is my favorite thing to do. ❤️ happy love day.

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 That couple exposed to people with their relationship in Jan 2018 after their very first meeting in 2012.

Meanwhile, the representative for the Pretty Intense’ entrepreneur and podcast host said to a media outlet, Fox News, that pair were an item. At the same time, she described to the Associated Press that she and Aaron Rodgers first crossed ways in 2012 at the awards of ESPY. However, Rodgers and Patrick have also teased the option of marriage.