US to find out the possibility that COVID-19 originated in Chinese Lab

US to discover the possibility that coronavirus may start in Chinese Lab

The United States national security and intelligence officials say that the U.S. government is observing some aspects that the COVID-19 pandemic started in Chinese laboratory instead of in a market, according to several familiar sources with the issue. The official sources say it is too early to draw any results.

The conspiracy theory about the outbreak stands one of many other theories, but the investigators pursued it as they made an effort to find out the origin of the novel coronavirus that resulted in an outbreak and took lives of hundreds and thousands of people. The United States doesn’t believe the coronavirus associates with bio-weapons research. Whereas, according to an intelligence source, officials state that the intelligence agencies are also discovering a range of other similar theories.

The supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump, as well as some congressional Republicans, pushed the theory. The Republicans keen to show their criticism about the pandemic mishandling by Trump in the initial days. An intelligence official aware of the analysis of the government says that the United States intelligence officials are investigating the theory that COVID-19 originates in a laboratory in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak, and then accidentally release in public.

Someone may infect with the virus in lab unintentionally

Furthermore, other familiar sources tell a news agency website that the U.S. intelligence has not able to verify the theory but is trying to discriminate whether somebody got an infection in the lab accidentally or due to poor handling of materials. After that, the person may infect others.

According to the intelligence source, the intelligence of the U.S. is examining sensitive intelligence collection aimed at the government of China. However, some other intelligence officials express that it may be possible that the actual source of coronavirus may never come out.

US to find out the possibility that COVID-19 originated in Chinese Lab

Mark Milley, the Joint Chief of Staff Chairman, acknowledged that the U.S. intelligence took a hard look at the query of whether the COVID-19 started in Chinese lab. On Tuesday, he told reporters that he would just say at this stage that the pieces of evidence indicate the origin naturally. President Trump states on Wednesday that the United States is doing an in-depth examination of this horrifying situation that happens and refuses to discuss what he knows about the findings.

Chinese Government Denied the Lab Theory about the origin of the coronavirus

On the other side, the government of China refuses the lab theory, and several external experts have also cast uncertainty on the idea. A source familiar with the task force of the White House also warned that whenever any outbreak comes, somebody proposes that the virus or the other pathogen originated from the lab. An official called the dealing of China to handle the coronavirus as completely disgraceful fears about the management and safety of the Wuhan Institute of Virology bio lab.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said earlier this week that the ruling Chinese Communist Party did not give access to the United States officials when they asked and needed at the initial times of the outspread. Their officials then came to know that they have this lab and also, they know about the wet fresh food markets in Wuhan. Everyone knows the virus actually originates in Wuhan; that’s the reason all these things come together. There is still a lot of things that the U.S. officials do not know, and that is the point the President was talking about.

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