COVID-19 Infections Are Increasing in U.K. Once Again After Three Months

Britain has reported about 50000 new COVID-19 cases, marking the largest daily increase since July.

COVID-19 Infections Are Increasing in U.K. Again

The United Kingdom has once again one of the highest rates of coronavirus infection anywhere. Britain just reported its highest one-day COVID-19 infection increase in ninety days and a 16 percent rise in confirmed cases in the week to 18th October. In addition, the UK administration has cautioned of a bad cold season.

In Dec. 2020, as the first of worrying and contagious variants of COVID ripped through the U.K., Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, made the unfortunate decision to cancel Christmas plans for Brits. Johnson said that they’re sacrificing their chance to see loved ones this Christmas, so they’ve got a better chance of safeguarding their lives so they could see them at future Christmas festivities.

About ten months later, Britain’s attitude towards the deadly pandemic has altered beyond recognition. Virtually whole of England’s COVID-related restrictions were lifted in July, with the hospitality sectors and events resuming to full capacity as the U.K. Prime Minister encouraged Britons to start living with the lethal virus. The response was strong. But the more transmissible Delta variant, which wrecked 2020’s festivities, hasn’t gone away.

Britain has reported about 50000 new COVID-19 cases, marking the largest daily increase since July. Over forty thousand new infections were recorded for the sixth consecutive day, amounting to 49156 new cases recorded Monday. On Tuesday, the country reported 233 fatalities, the highest daily toll since early March 2021.

“Exceptional policies lead to extraordinary consequences”

Furthermore, a few hours earlier, Mr. Johnson’s official spokesperson said 10 Downing Street was closely monitoring the numbers, but proposed levels of infections, hospitalization, and fatalities were still broadly in line with administration modeling, adding that they always knew the upcoming months would be tough.

An epidemiologist at Queen Mary University in London, Deepti Gurdasani, told CNN that exceptional policies lead to extraordinary results. So, it is very expected, and that’s a result of opening everything up. But, she added that they’re approaching cold, and things are only going close to getting bad.

Moreover, PM’s spokesperson admitted Monday that a tough cold season lies ahead, and Johnson has refused to rule out a return of face-mask mandates or stringent restrictions to protect the nation’s National Health Service in the upcoming weeks.

COVID-19 Infections Are Increasing in U.K. Again
COVID-19 Infections Are Increasing in U.K. Again
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Coronavirus jabs continue to decrease the COVID patients who need hospital cure, but declining immunity makes the pace of the rollout important. The majority of over forty’s in the U.K. were initially inoculated with the partially homegrown AstraZeneca vaccine, whose efficacy against the highly infectious Delta has been shown to be lower than Moderna and Pfizer’s doses.