Coronavirus hits the US military bases badly in Okinawa

Coronavirus hits the US military bases badly in Okinawa
Aerial view of Okinawa air station,

American military staff on Okinawa, the Japanese island, faces virtual lockdown as several patients of COVID-19 have tracked on multiple the United States Marine Corps present there.

On Saturday morning, the lockdown instructions were issued and restrictions on all off-base movement by thousands of United States military staff operating on bases unless allowed by a senior officer with lieutenant colonel or other higher ranks.

The measures include the Kadena Air Base, which bills itself the center of United States air strength in the Pacific, and arrives after United States admirals hyped the extraordinary measures, and the Navy had to reestablish the readiness of American military in the area to face an adverse epidemic.

Governor’s office didn’t give any number of infected cases

Office of Okinawa prefectural governor described that sixty-two cases of Coronavirus had been confirmed among the staff at the United States Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, Camp Kinza, and Camp Hansen till Sunday. Moreover, due to security issues, the American military hasn’t revealed the exact number of COVID-19 cases.

COVID-19 hits the American military bases badly in Okinawa
The Japanese island, Okinawa,
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On Friday, in a statement, Joel Carey (the commander of Kadena Air Station) said that several novel cases have detected on American military facilities on that island as well as 3 Coronavirus patients among the local population.

The statement of Joel Carey published on the official website of the base said that the United States has basically been Marines assigned to MCAS (Marine Corps Air Station) Futenma and Hansen’s Camp and also have been a mixture of both travels linked and some of those with origins they have yet to be able to indicate the potential of a recurrence of community spread.

American Marine Corps air stations put under HPCC (Health Protection Condition Charlie), according to the official website of Marine, bans each off-base action but traveling to and from the air stations to residences. Furthermore, all other traveling actions need approval from a senior officer.

American military staff, including their families and United States civilian contractors are not allowed to tour any off-base establishments, exercise outdoors, or even use of any public transportation, under Condition Charlie. Also, staff can not avail of any vacation time or leave.

The official Facebook page of the Kadena Air Base said that it was under HPCC (Health Protection Condition Charlie), but other Air Force orders were somehow less strict than other restrictions allowed by the Marines, which permits off-base visits to grocery stores food drive, and pharmacies.