Supreme Court dismissed final Republican 2020 election lawsuit

Supreme Court dismissed election lawsuit

Supreme Court dismissed final Republican 2020 election lawsuit
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On Monday, the Supreme Court, after 5 months of presidential elections, said that it will not take up a lawsuit from many GOP members hard reforms to election rules in Pennsylvania.

The unapproved ruling pushes yet another message that the majority of the Supreme Court has no interest in suing the previous presidential election.

Ahead of Monday, the judges had already rejected many appeals to jump into one of the most controversial elections in the history of America, rejecting appeals from then-President Trump and other Republican members looking to change election result in many American states where Biden won.

CNN Supreme Court expert and professor at the University of Texas School of Law, Steve Vladeck said, once again, the Supreme Court’s involvement in the 2020 presidential election is going out with sob, not a bang.

The lawsuit was powered by Jim Bognet (former Republican congressional candidate) and 4 individual voters who stressed the state high-court surpassed its authority when it directed the enlargement of ballot deadlines in the pandemic Coronavirus.

Supreme Court dismissed final Republican 2020 election lawsuit
Supreme Court dismissed final Republican 2020 election lawsuit,
Source: Web

The hot topic during election weeks

It was a hot topic in the weeks before and after the presidential election as a few GOP members charged that courts might not have the last say on their state voting rules. Moreover, the argument goes that the Law give the state lawmakers, not the state courts or the governor, the last word on elections and the way through which states select electors.

Criticizers of the ‘Independent state legislature’ policy say that legislature is a wide term including directives given legislative powers by the state law.

Donald Trump, after the election, requested heads of Pennsylvania legislature to the White House when he kept to create fraudulent election claims, but no court agreed. Besides this, Joe Biden became the President of the United States, getting the victory in the state by around 82,000 votes.

The third United States Circuit Court of Appeals already rejected this lawsuit holding that the opposers didn’t have the lawful right to bring the case. Moreover, the challengers intended the Supreme Court to overturn that decision and hold that the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania took off the PGA’s (Pennsylvania General Assembly) authority as it changed voting guidelines and rules set by the legislature.