Coronavirus variants 3rd wave should proceed carefully – Merkel

Coronavirus variants 3rd wave should proceed carefully - Merkel
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Chancellor Angela Merkel described to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that the novel variants of Coronavirus threat a third wave of cases in Germany, and the territory must follow extensive care to avoid nationwide new lockdowns.

Over the previous week, the number of novel Coronavirus cases has ramped up with the 7-day incidence rate standing at around sixty infections per 100,000 people. Moreover, the country reported 8,007 new cases and 422 deaths on Wednesday.

Angela Merkel said, due to new variants, we are stepping into a new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, where a third wave may start. She continued that we must proceed carefully and wisely so that the upcoming third wave doesn’t necessitate a new nationwide complete shutdown.

Germany extended restrictions to avoid the third wave

Angela Merkel and state leaders in Germany (Europe’s most populous region and leading economy) have decided to extend restrictions to control the upcoming third Coronavirus wave until 7th March.

Coronavirus variants 3rd wave should proceed carefully - Merkel
Coronavirus variants 3rd wave should proceed carefully,
Source: Web

Barbers will be permitted to resume from 1st March, but the rest of the economy will gradually reopen. It targets to manage an infection rate of no more than thirty-five new infections per 100,000 in seven days.

On Wednesday, in a newspaper interview, Merkel explained that comprehensive testing and COVID-19 vaccines could allow for ‘a more regionally differentiated approach.’ She added that in a district with a stable incidence of thirty-five, it could be possible to reopen all schools without having distortions in relation to other districts that contained a higher rate of cases and schools that aren’t yet resumed.

She described that an intelligent starting plan is inextricably linked with extensive quick Coronavirus tests, as it were as free tests. Merkel further said that she couldn’t know exactly how long it will acquire to install such a program. She said it would be in March.

She mentioned Astra Zeneca’s (Anglo Swedish company) Coronavirus vaccine as an effective, safe, and reliable COVID-19 vaccine. Merkel concluded by saying that as long as Coronavirus vaccines are as rare as they are at this time, you cannot select what you want to be inoculated with.