What are the causes behind the unattainable vaccine targets of the U.S?

The consequences behind the unattainable vaccine targets of the U.S
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Joe Biden, President of the U.S., has promised to speed up the Coronavirus vaccination process in the country and slammed the earlier administration’s handling of COVID-19.

President Biden described that it has been a miserable failure thus far, and he has promised to deliver hundred-million vaccine jabs in his first hundred days.

Is vaccine rollout going well?

As of 20th Jan, the day when Joe Biden was appointed as the President of the United States, around 16.5 million vaccine shots had been distributed in the United States. But when we took a loot of the nations that had the highest COVID vaccinations population-wise, America stands at 4rth position after UK, Israel, and UAE regarding doses per hundred people.

Former President Donald Trump set the United States far away from the anticipated target to inject twenty million people by the end of 2020. But less than 3 million people had vaccinated by 31st December.

The director of the govt. vaccine rollout plan, Moncef Slaoui, described at the time that they know that it should be better and they are very working hard to make it better. The vaccination process has ramped up significantly since the start of 2021, which is doubled in the last week of President Donald Trump in office as compared to January’s first week.

What are the causes behind the unattainable vaccine targets of the U.S?
The main causes behind the unattainable vaccine targets of the U.S,
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America got more than 1 million vaccine doses per day on some events during Donald Trump’s administration. According to Our World In Data, the normal average over the week ahead of Trump’s departure was fewer than 900,000, and there might be a little lag in detecting daily vaccination numbers.

The top medical advisor of the President, Dr. Anthony Fauci, explained that hopefully they will meet and surpass that goal. Throughout the United States, there are vast variations such as, till 20th January, Alabama had given out less than 3,000 vaccine jabs per 100,000 infected persons, and Alaska more than 9,000.

Besides this, West Virginia had handled the 2nd highest vaccine shots per capita, and the governor of the state calling it a “diamond in the rough.” Furthermore, former President Trump mainly concentrated on what he saw as slow shipment by separate states rather than problems at the federal level.

On 29th December, Donald Trump tweeted that the Federal Govt. has shipped the vaccine doses to the states, and now it’s up to states to manage them. Get moving.