China retaliates at the U.S. with media restrictions as tightness surges

China retaliates at U.S. with media restrictions as tension rises
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China has criticized about what it calls Washington’s suppression of Chinese media by requiring that 4 news companies of the United States announce information of their staffing and finances in the country.

 On Wednesday, during a press briefing, spokesperson of Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lijian, said that CBS News, NPR News, the United Press International, and the Associated Press must provide their related paperwork to the Govt. of China in seven days.

He added that the Chinese government is bound to acquire these calculations to counter the United States’ awkward suppression of Chinese media in America, and they are completely self-defense.

The reaction of Beijing arrives after last week, when President Trump’s administration labeled the United States offices of 4 Chinese state operating media as foreign missions, demanding them to submit paperwork with the United States authorities on their personnel and finances. Furthermore, Washington included that People’s Daily, Global Times, CCTV and China News Service to a note of elected media that already added subsidiary of CCTV (China Global Television Network), China Radio International, Tian Development USA (parent of People’s Daily), China Daily and Xinhua.

China retaliates at the U.S. with media restrictions as tightness surges
Zhao Lijian, spokesman of Chinese Foreign Ministry
Source: Web

Chinese news outlets are under control

Assistant secretary of the State Department for Pacific affairs and East Asia, David Stillwell, has described that the Chinese companies were provided the designation due to the United States administration looks them as propaganda companies that are significantly managed by the Chinese Communist Party instead of independent news outlets.

On Wednesday, Zhao told that the United States calculations are based on Cold War mentality and also based on ideological prejudices. He continued that they have harshly damaged Chinese news outlets’ reputation and their image, and even disturbed their regular operations in the United States.

The Associated Press’ spokesperson told a media outlet, CNN, that the agency is looking for more info about the requirements declared today and will evaluate them carefully. Although the representatives for NPR, CBS, and United Press International haven’t abruptly responded to the requests for comment.

Not the first time, the Chinese government and Trump’s administration have been linked to many incidents in which both were targeting each other’s news companies and playing tit-for-tat.

 Before this, the Beijing government has ejected journalists from many primary U.S. news outlets, such as Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and New York Times; after this, U.S. permitted many Chinese journalists to work in the United States offices of China’s state-run media.