China blocked the WHO scientist team to investigate COVID-19 origins

China blocked the WHO scientist team to investigate COVID-19 origins
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The WHO (World Health Organization) described that Beijing has restricted the entrance of the group seeking basic origins of the COVID-19 pandemic following the criticism from the UN agency.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (the WHO Director-General) said that two analysts on the UN team had previously left native countries for Wuhan after acknowledging that Chinese regulators had not allowed the crucial approvals to enter in China. Although China had already approved the deal.

On Tuesday, at a news meeting in Geneva, Tedros explained that he is very disappointed with this news. He continued that he has been in contact with senior Chinese regulators, and he has once again made clear that the project is a priority for the World Health Organization and the international tea. Moreover, Tedros added that WHO was ready to start the mission as soon as possible, and even he had been provided assurances that China was boosting quickly the internal process for the earliest possible deployment.

China restricted the WHO scientist team to investigate Coronavirus basic origins
China banned the WHO scientist team to seek COVID-19 origins,
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The executive director of WHO’s health emergency program, Dr. Michael Ryan, said that there was a problem with permits and one of the team members had already went home. However, other team members were waiting in the third country.

WHO officials seeking permission from China

The WHO administrators have been talking with China to permit the entrance of global scientists to find out the basic origin of the Coronavirus pandemic that was noticed first time in Wuhan in Dec 2019. It is anticipated that the virus came from un anonymous host species to humans.

In May, the World Health Organization decided to conduct an investigation into the response to the pandemic when the above hundred countries approved a resolution calling for a proper inquiry. Dr. Michael Ryan described that the group thought it was just a logistical and bureaucratic problem that can be resolved progressively in the coming few hours and restart the deployment of the team as soon as possible.

Trump blames China for mismanagement at initial stages

Australia and the United States are dominant to condemn Beijing’s mismanagement at the initial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, alleging the country not to play a significant role in stopping the pandemic until too late. Furthermore, President Donald Trump has consistently criticized Beijing for the pandemic and declared that the United States would break its relationship with the World Health Organization. Trump also alleged that China had not adequately confirmed information that it acquired about the virus and even slammed WHO to mislead the world.