CDC launches online triage in U.S. to test coronavirus

CDC introduces Clara in the U.S. for self-testing COVID-19

Clara, an online bot, is behaving as triage for healthcare providers in the United States as the demand for COVID-19 testing continues to increase from the citizens. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is giving the opportunity of Coronavirus Self-checker for individuals having concern that they may have the coronavirus symptoms as it sweeps all over the country.

The deaths in the U.S. due to coronavirus surged to one thousand, with more than 68,000 cases confirmed cases reported. According to Johns Hopkins University, worldwide deaths surpass twenty-one thousand. Deaths due to the virus continued to upsurge in New York, the epicenter of the outbreak in the United States.

CDC states that its bot, Clara, is present to help citizens in making decisions in search of appropriate medical care. However, it not intends for the diagnosis or treatment of COVID-19 or other diseases. The electronic guide of the CDC introduces itself as Clara on the official website of the organization.

How does Clara work?

Clara asks different questions from the user to establish the illness level experience by him or the individual they are asking on behalf of, whether such as they are suffering from the shortness of breath or they are grasping for oxygen. In addition, it established the location of users in the U.S., whether they are in a long-term health care facility or if they have in contact with COVID-19 patients.

The bot recommends the user to call 911 instantly if felt the need or to stay home or to call their health care provider within twenty-four hours. Moreover, electronic health care points to the relevant health department of the state for more advice and guidelines.

CDC launches online triage in U.S. to test coronavirus

The shift in Coronavirus Testing

According to the White House, over two lac U.S. citizens, including the U.S. President, tested for the COVID-19 so far. The figure did not include health care labs or county hospitals. Last Friday, the United States Food and Drug Administration approved the use of the first instant diagnostic test that detects the infection of coronavirus within forty-five minutes.

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In a strategic shift, Los Angeles County and New York City health authorities recommended that health care providers should avoid testing patients for COVID-19 except in cases in which a result of the test would significantly change the sequence of treatment. The Los Angeles County Department of Health guided on Thursday that virus testing at public health laborites would prioritize patients with symptoms of coronavirus, residents of care facilities, paramedics, health care workers and other patients with high-risk. Other patients asked to stay simply at home in quarantine.