Bugatti introduced its lightest hypercar having ability to top 300 miles/hour

Bugatti introduced its lightest hypercar having ability to top 300 miles/hour
Bugatti's super light model can top 300 miles/hour, Source: Web

On Wednesday, Bugatti uncovered an 1,800 horsepower hyper-car that is even less practical than its other powerful multimillion-dollar worth two-seaters, which the brand normally manufactures.

The name ‘Bugatti Bolide’ came from French slang, which means ‘very fast car,’ and it’s a concept car manufactured only for track driving, not for public paths. Moreover, the hyper-car has an updated variant of the massive 8.0 liter sixteen-cylinder engine present in Bugatti’s Chiron (Bugatti’s core model). Plus, it is designed to be super light and hit a high speed of 300 miles/hour, the brand says.

This type of cars lacks much crash safety gear

The brand has not described whether it is going to sell hyper-car Bolide, but various other performance brands such as Lamborghini and Ferrari provide track-only vehicles for rich customers who want to face driving in their personal racecars. Besides this, this type of car doesn’t have much crash safety apparatus that are required in road cars, such as airbags, but they hold a specialized safety gear on several racing paths, including fittings for racing harnesses.

The Bolide has a smaller over 3 feet height, which is around a foot shorter than its core model, and it is manufactured for perfect aerodynamics.

Bugatti came up with its lightest hypercar that can top 300 miles/hour
Bugatti’s core model weighted 4,400 pounds,
Source: Web

Bugatti’s main focus on aerodynamics and weight

While manufacturing the Bolide, the primary focus was put to enhance aerodynamics and reduce weight. Bugatti said that the air scoop that increases from the roof is managed in a particular skin that makes blister-like bubbles at a very high speed. It described that the bubbles improve airflow over the scoop by ten percent while also decreasing the aerodynamics lift by seventeen percent.

Bugatti claims that all the fasteners and screws in the Bolide are made of titanium, and even most of the other parts of the vehicle are manufactured from lightweight titanium alloys and carbon fiber. The significant thing to notice is that the Bolide’s weight is 2,700 pounds while the weight of the core model of Bugatti’s weight is 4,400 pounds, which is a significant difference.

Bugatti’s head of development, Stefan Ellrott, said that all of Bugatti’s skill has been condensed into Bolide. He added that engineering the Bugatti’s Bolide was a chance to try new procedures and techniques with the intent of decreasing weight and enhancing performance.

The price label of the Bolide would surely be in the multiple-millions dollars, which is base on the price tag of their Bugatti’s cars and the price of similar genres of cars from other brands.